Review: Dark Screams: Volume One: Various authors Edited by Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar

Stephen King, Kelley Armstrong, Bill Pronzini, Simon Clark, and Ramsey Campbell are the first contributors to a mind-bending new series of short-story collections that push the boundaries of horror and dark suspense to the bleeding edge. From Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar of the acclaimed Cemetery Dance Publications, Dark Screams: Volume Onereaches across genres to take readers beyond the precipice of mortal toil and into the glimmering void of irreality and beyond.
WEEDS by Stephen King
When a meteorite lands on his property, Jordy Verrill envisions an easy payday. Unfortunately for Jordy, this is no ordinary rock—and the uncompromising force inside has found its first target.
THE PRICE YOU PAY by Kelley Armstrong
Never pay more than you owe. Sounds like easy advice to follow. But for Kara and her childhood friend Ingrid, some debts can never be repaid . . . especially those tendered in blood.
MAGIC EYES by Bill Pronzini
Edward James Tolliver has found a weary sort of asylum among the insane. He knows he’s not one of them—but how can he tell anyone about the invaders without sounding that way?
Imagine awaking to find yourself in an underground vault, chained by the neck to a murderous lunatic, a grunting goliath who seems more animal than man. What would you do to save yourself?
THE WATCHED by Ramsey Campbell
Little Jimmy gets a glimpse of the cold truth when he finds out that it’s not always what you see that can get you into trouble; it’s who knows what you see.

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review. 3.5 stars

Each story is unique, would I call them scary far, far from it. More like thrillerish. I know totally not a word but I made it up so now it is a word for me. 

My favorite story by far is The Price you Pay by Kelley Armstrong. You would think it would have been Stephen King being as I LOVE his stories, but his short story in this book Weeds wasn't up to par for me.
Weeds by Stephen King. 
It is more of a science fiction a young man finds a meteor in his yard and the unthinkable happens things start growing. It reminded me of what would be an "adult" version of  a Goosebumps book. Yes I am sorry I said it but to me personally probably not to anyone else I felt it was one of those books. 
The Price you Pay by Kelley Armstrong.
 Two childhood friends grow up together do an unthinkable act which lands them in trouble with the law. So many years later pass and the two find each other again but is it a joyous reunion or one that brings back pained memories. Now the ending I didn't even think of it turning out that way and I was a bit surprised which made me love the story even more.
Magic Eyes by Bill Pronzini
This was kind of weird. You have a guy who is in a institution where he jots his thoughts down in a journal, and it all stems from believing there is demon who has taken over his beloved. 
Murder in Chains by Simon Clark
This story was different and had me really wondering what was the point of the story. You have a man who randomly finds himself chained to another. Why was he chained? This was never explained within the short story. 
The Watched by Ramsey Campbell
This was a ghost story to me. Wasn't all that scary or anything, it was decent but not something that I truly enjoyed. You have a young man who lives with his grandmother and on returning home one day he meets an officer who is looking for revenge in a way to those that have done him harm. After that, that is when the young man starts hearing knocks and seeing water on the windows. 

Each story is different and they may all appeal to you. I enjoyed how each author was able to bring a little something that was different. If another anthology is done I will for sure pick it up to see what new stories will come to light.


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