Review: Cookie's Case by Andy Siegel

Tug Wyler finds himself embroiled in the mysterious malady of a sexy stripper who slipped on a banana peel during her signature actCookie, an angel in stiletto heels, is by far the most popular performer at Jingles Dance Bonanza. To her devoted audience, she's a friend, therapist, and shoulder to cry on. When Tug meets an old pal at the club, he doesn't expect to pick up a new client, but he quickly realizes that the noble Cookie--dancing in a neck brace, each kick potentially her last--is in need of a committed champion.Righting a wrong is never a simple task for Tug, a sharp-witted and unorthodox trial lawyer who repeatedly finds himself in the middle of unusual cases and causes. But that doesn't stop him from trying. Believing that Cookie is the victim of a spine surgeon with a sloppy touch, Tug takes her case. But as he seeks both medical remedy and a fair shake for Cookie, he realizes a tad too late that sinister sights are trained on him. In" Cookie's Case," this offbeat lawyer will go further than he ever has for justice.

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

I have found myself enjoying more and more of this genre of books. You have a witty main character who ends up finding himself in trouble just by the case he has ended up picking up.
Tug is a lawyer who takes on the cases of accidents and medical malpractices and when he gets a case that involves a stripper that is when he finds himself in trouble.
Tug also has normal family issues, but his family bothered me to no extend. I am not sure if Tug's wife has always been the way she is or not but I wanted to smack her on more than one occasion. She seems to be very disrespectful to Tug.
Not only that Tug bothered me the way he kept saying his goal in life was to keep his daughter who I am assuming is below ten off the pole. Who says that? 

Cookie is a stripper who once had surgery and because of that has ended up wearing a halo. She misses her freedom and wants to dance. And this is the case that Tug takes. But it isn't just a cut and dry case there is something shady going on and Tug plans to uncover it. We get a lot of medical information that I thought was pretty cool, and very descriptive. It seems to me the author did his research. 
What Tug ends up figuring out could be too late for him.

Now the other case Tug takes on is Robert Killroy who didn't kill nobody name Roy. I thought it was funny that this character Robert would say that but I understood why. Though it did get a bit  bothersome every time it was mentioned when Robert would call Tug. 
The way Tug got this case was different, it pretty much fell into his lap. Robert called him collect an unpaid debt that he owes a cleaner. Which I didn't understand why Tug just didn't talk to the owner and let him know he was not going to be him but whatever. 
Robert had his foot ran over and has a lot of foot pain, but he doesn't let that stop him from trying to take care of himself because his granny wants him too. And hence a case that Tug takes because he believes that he can win the case and help Robert and his grandmother out.

Some things within the story became repetitive and it really annoyed me to no end and that dropped my rating down. You have this shady character who comes into play and kept saying "seeeeeee." This was just the way that he would take. You have Tug who as I mentioned before repeated I believe three times his goal was to keep his daughter off the pole. This was in reference to Cookie being a stripper.  
Robert constantly saying  his name was Robert Killroy but he didn't kill nobody named Roy that is just his name. 

I did enjoy this book and the character Tug. I will be looking into more of this author's work and more of the Tug Wyler's mysteries if there is any. 

Andy SiegelAndy is a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney in New York City. After graduating from Tulane University in 1985, he went on to receive his JD from Brooklyn Law School in 1988. He serves on the board of directors of the New York Trial Lawyers Association and lives in Westchester County, New York.

Suzy's Case is Andy's debut novel. This Brooklyn tale featuring off-beat New York lawyer Tug Wyler was a Best Beach Read Selection 2013; a Poisoned Pen Bookstore Best Debut Novel selection 2012; a Suspense Magazine Best Books of 2012 selection; and selected for Conversations Book Club Top 100 Books of 2012. 

Andy is looking forward to entertaining readers with more of Tug’s unpredictable and antic mystery adventures. Next up, Cookie's Case


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