Review: Third Vampire Shadows by Zhu Hsia

Alternative Cover Edition ASIN B00IQILDZY
Ji Sun, heir to the powerful Lee clan of vampires and brings disgrace to her kind by not only mixing with humans, but leaving the clan to marry one, and she is banished for ever from her family.
After five years, Ji Sun’s happiness is threatened. For although she has no intention of returning to her life as a vampire, she has not yet renounced her inheritance, for to do so is to risk stigmatization and a much shortened life. However, Mun Oh, her younger brother, now fifteen years old and already a formidable bloodsucker, is ordered by his parents to visit his sister and demand that she goes through the Ritual of Renunciation in his favor.
But the spoiled and capricious Mun Oh, accustomed to getting his own way the minute he wants something, and his teeth into any human he fancies, encounters more obstacles than he bargains for, especially from Ji Sun’s troubled and troublesome step-daughter Hyeon Jin, the unpopular school bully.
Hyeon Jin hates Mun Oh and would get rid of him at all costs if she could. When Hyeon Jin discovers Mun Oh’s secret, she thinks she has found the perfect weapon. Mun Oh, however, detects certain weaknesses under Hyeon Jin’s hard exterior and plays on them ruthlessly. And it seems for while, that he has the upper hand . . . But then the trouble-making bloodsucker Han Kyung makes his appearance. He is jealous of the handsome Mun Oh, and would do anything to reduce him in the eyes of the clan.
Events start to spiral out of control. Hyeon Jin discovers what it is like to be on the receiving end of hurtful behavior, and as Mun Oh gets more and more attracted by the human world, he soon transgresses the strict rules of the bloodsucking clan. He is to learn the secret of the Rule of Thirds the hard way. But will he have to pay the heavy price for his disobedience? Will this vampire romance blossoms? How is this third vampire going to overcome the dark shadows lurking around him?
It is down to Ji Sun to find a solution. She has to make a choice. But will she have to sacrifice her happiness and that of her beloved husband and step-daughter to do so?

I received this book to give an honest review.

Where do I even start? I finished this book 2 days ago and I am not sure how to even write this review!
Let's start with the beginning, we learn the rules of a Bloodsucker lets not confuse them with vampires because they seem to be different even though bloodsuckers and vampires both drink blood. We get to learn the three rules that the Bloodsuckers have to follower which I was pretty interested in knowing that there were rules to follow.
I have to say the ending was my favorite and no not because the book ended but because of how we got to see the relationship between Hyeon Jin and Mun Oh grow, and the ending kind of wrapped it up nicely.

Mun Oh is to go to his sister and have her renounce her heritage   which a big deal, but it seems that while Mun Oh's sister Ji Sun is living with humans happily. Mun Oh doesn't like humans so well that is until he meets Hyeon Jin and she gives him a run for his money. As time ticks down for Mun Oh to get his sister to agree to do what she is suppose to do, Hyeon learns Mun Oh's secret and that is when the whole game plan changes for them all. What will happen next you have to just read to find out. I thought the author did do a good job with making the story line enjoyable and work together. The characters were done good but not something I could connect with.

My favorite quote in the book " Love is the most expensive commodity..." "The more you are willing to pay, the more valuable the price." "The only question is: how much are you willing to pay?" That quote says it all about love and it went perfect in this story when you see what happens to Hyeon and Mun Oh.

There is talk of bullying and Hyeon is the one doing the bullying. I didn't like that she did it and she did not become a character I liked. It did finally become clear why she is the way she is, but if she was truly honoring someone she wouldn't act the way she does.  I really did not enjoy any of the characters they just weren't someone I could click with. Not only is she a bully but the way she treats her father was very uncalled for.

Now what bothered me with the story was the fact that Hyeon kept using words over and over again. It just got to be annoying and bothersome at times. Like the word "pest" she would keep calling Mun Oh a pest, I literally lost count on how many times it was used that I would just glance over the word.

And Mun Oh it drove me absolutely bonkers when he kept calling Hyeon retarded. I mean I understand back when I was a kid we use to say that and it wasn't that big of deal because we weren't being ugly about it. And neither was Mun Oh in this story, but just the fact that it is now a big deal to use the word I feel as though the author could have used something else in its place. Now I have a thing about calling people dumb or stupid. Its not cool to do it. And for a guy to constantly say it to a female it is not cool. Mun Oh would say things like "Could you get any dumber? you should know better than taking anything from strangers." Among other things.


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