Review: Still Hunt by Diane M Haynes

In Still Hunt, the third installment of the 'Forest Magic' series, nineteen-year-old Micah Fuller is called to the home of his elderly Great Aunt Gisele in Bidwell, MA to learn her craft-communicating with the dead-unaware that she is about to pass into the spirit world herself. As expected, she leaves the bulk of her estate, including the Enchanted Forest to Micah, but the Will is contested by his cousin, Trey. A dangerous type of scavenger hunt in which Micah and his team are pitted against Trey's team will determine who inherits the Forest with its extremely powerful and valuable Crystal Cave. Can Micah win the Still Hunt and preserve the Enchanted Forest, or will Trey win and sell its valuable resources to the highest bidder? Will Haley stay with Micah, or will she succumb to Trey's Gift of Suggestion?

I received this book to give an honest review. May Contain Spoilers. 

I have fallen in love with this series from the very beginning it is one of those books that are perfect for the YA. You have magic, danger, adventure all wrapped up into one.

With Still Hunt we follow the gang once again into an adventure of the Enchanted Forest. But it is not all fun and games. Micah's Great Aunt Gisele has him communicating with the dead because unknown to him and her students she will be passing on. 
Of course you know this is going to tear everyone up because Gisele is an important person to everyone.
Both girls have grown up in this book, and something special happens to two characters! Didn't even think this was going to happen.
Now there is a mystery that the girls come across and what this mystery is, is what has cursed the land and the descendants. It is something that plays a part with Micah and Haley.

Now as you have read in the blurb this is this dangerous scavenger hunt that Micah and his cousin Trey have to do in order to find out who gets to keep ownership of the Enchanted Forest. This is where the action starts to get good. Each team has to find a treasure and connect everything together. Who will succeed? 

Will Trey who is evil learn to be or play nice? Or is it too late for him?

Now this is where the spoiler alert comes into play. Towards the end Micah and Haley secure their love by making love. No it does not get graphic. But I personally did not feel as though it was right on why Haley lost her virginity. I did understand the whole curse thing and love.  But I would have thought that maybe it could have gone different. But that is just me. It did go with the story but I didn't like that part. 

Overall a great story and the author has done a great job with building the characters and I have enjoyed watching them grow. Especially the twins because you can tell they have grown up a lot. The author has done an awesome job with descriptions of the forest, and animals and the type of magic used. 
If you haven't read the other books in this series I would highly suggest you do.

Diane M. HaynesOn my brother's birthday, seven months after his passing, I awakened from a dream of three kids seated within a fairy ring, pastel orbs circling their heads. When a fairy landed on a girl's cheek, I was enchanted and wrote a twelve page short story. A few days later, I decided to expand the story and eventually, RIFT HEALER was born.
I believed this book to be a 'Spirit Gift' from my brother and dedicated it to him


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