Review: Spectrum by Alan Jacobson

New York City: home to world-renowned museums, theater, restaurants, iconic sports franchises. Central Park. Wall Street. And an infamous serial killer who's terrorized the Big Apple for decades.The year is 1995 and the NYPD has just graduated a promising new patrol officer named Karen Vail. The rookie's first day on the job is anything but easy when she finds herself at the crime scene of a young woman murdered in an unusual manner. Vail is unsure of what she's looking at or what it means--but it's a case that will weigh on her mind for nearly twenty years.As the years pass, Vail's career takes unexpected twists and turns--as does the case that's come to be known as Hades. Now a skilled FBI profiler, will Vail be in a better position to catch the killer? Or will Hades prove to be Karen Vail's hell on earth?The character who has captivated readers worldwide--and who won the praise of literary giants Michael Connelly, James Patterson, and Nelson DeMille--returns in a story that captures the experiences that shaped the revered profiler and made her the top cop she is today.

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

These genre of book is right up my alley. Anything to do with murders and cops are always normally really good to read. 
I have to say I didn't guess who the murderer was until 86% in and the light bulb came on. 
We go between the present and the past within this story.
We have Karen Vail who is a police officer and she gets to be put on to her first crime scene. Sounds pretty awesome right?  Well her first crime scene starts the time table for hunting for a killer for twenty years.  Vail is very fresh and has a spot on thinking outside the box on a crime scene and that is always good. 
But Vail I believe gets more than she bargains for with this serial killer dubbed Hades. It is like all the clues are right there but they have to be put together for it all to click. Not only that she has to try and stay strong and work on things within her marriage. 
You know it always seems that the past always catches up to the present and this book was no different. There was lots of action and intensity written within the story line that I did not want to put it down. 
I did enjoy watching Vail never giving up and striving for better that is what I like to see in a female character who plays a cop. 
The characters are written with personality, the story line keeps you wanting to read more the mystery keeps you wanting to know who has dun it and why. 
Now as I am looking at other reviews I saw that this is part of a series. I didn't know that at all. This is a really good stand alone which is sometimes hard for an author to write if a book is part of a series. I do plan on reading more in this series because the author does a great job reeling you in and leaving you wanting more. 

Alan Jacobson
ALAN JACOBSON is the National Bestselling Author of several critically acclaimed thrillers. His 20 years of research and training with the FBI’s profiling unit, DEA, US Marshals Service, Scotland Yard, SWAT, and the US military bring unparalleled realism to his stories and characters—prompting the San Francisco Chronicle to say that “Alan Jacobson researches his books like a good newspaper reporter and then pushes the envelope into reality more thoroughly than the typical crime novel could ever allow.” 
Alan’s thrillers have made numerous “Top 10 Best Books of the Year” lists and five have been optioned by Hollywood. 
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