Review: Fading Hope by Jack Wallen, Claire C. Riley, Thea Gregory, Eli Constant, Armand Rosamilia, Morgan Garcia, Rebecca Besser

It's the end of the world and we are not feeling fine.

What happens when you ask seven of the most notorious writers in apocalyptic fiction to craft stories where a happily ever after doesn't exist?
You get Fading Hope.
Bleak landscapes, fading faith, the loss of humanity and the struggle to simply make it to the end of the day, are just some of the elements that come together within this boundary-pushing anthology.
Dive into a world of hopelessness as rendered by award-winning authors like: Rebecca Besser, Eli Constant, Morgan Garcia, Thea Gregory, Claire C. Riley, Armand Rosamila, and Jack Wallen.

Title: Fading Hope
Author: Jack Wallen, Claire C. Riley, Thea Gregoary, Eli Constant, Armand Rosamilia, Morgan Garcia, Rebecca Besser
Publication: August 26, 2014
Pages: I have to figure out how to read the pages on my kindle
Genre: Horror, Post-Apocalyptic

I received an ARC to give an honest review.
I do not believe I have read anything before from these authors and let me say that I enjoyed all of their stories that were told in this book.
The first story really got me as I started this book as I was rocking my little girl to sleep for the night. When I finished reading the first story I put the book down and just held my little girl closer to me no joke! I don't think a story has ever done that to me before. 
Each story had me cringing and going OMG what can happen next. I am normally not a big fan of short stories being as they are too short and I feel as though there could have been more within the story. With this, I was not disappointed. With each story being told you get the ending and you feel satisfied or at least I know I did. I have to say the last story I literally cringed and went the whole ewww, ewww, ewww that is gross and I enjoyed that. It is hard to find a author or a book that has you feeling that way in the middle of a story and it freaking ROCKED. 
Each story by each author has a taste of either zombies, the end of the world, or what humans will do to other humans. This book is not for the faint of heart far far from it. 
This is one book I highly recommend to all of my friends who like a touch of horror, mixed with the ending of the world. But if you are scared of the dark I would keep the lights on for this. 
If I could give this book more than a 5 rating I sure enough would. I will be looking to read more stories from these authors. 

Jack WallenJack Wallen is the new name in horror. His works span genres and weave evil, conspiracy, and fear into nightmarish worlds.

Jack has been given the title "Zombie King" by his readers and fans. He didn't garner that title by dining on the brains of helpless victims. It was only after writing until his fingers and mind were nothing but meat for the beasts that he became a master of the zombie genre. During that haunted hay ride Jack produced works of fiction enjoyable by not just zombie fans, but anyone daring to take a peek into what might possibly become of humanity.

Of course, being of the insane writer clan, Jack isn't just happy with the penning of zombie fiction. Oh no, the nightmare does not end there. Like the late, great Freddy Mercury, Jack wants it all -- so, he will continue twisting the horror genre to meet his disturbed mind as well as write his Fringe Killer and Screampark series, and his joyous celebration of all things diverse -- Shero.

For his inspiration to begin reading and writing, Jack thanks the ever-incredible Clive Barker for penning in a genre with words of grace and horror.
Claire C. Riley
My name is Claire C. Riley and I’m a writer of dark paranormal romances and zombie horror, and generally anything creepy and dark.

I am a wife, and a mother to three little girls. I work part-time and write in the evenings and every other spare second that I get. Life, as you can imagine, is always very busy and very tiring, but it is of course worth every minute.
I’m currently hard at work on several new projects.
The sequel to Limerence, the sequel to Odium, a Romantic thriller/horror story and several short zombie stories and also Odium Origins. A Dead Saga Novella.
I can be stalked at any of the following.

Eli Constant

Eli Constant lives in Virginia with her husband and two daughters. She is surrounded by battlefield country, farmland and lakes. Currently, she spends her days being a devoted mother and, of course, writing. Eli feels fortunate that her marriage is one of real love and she thinks her children are the coolest people in the world. She also feels so lucky to have an extended family that is ever present with encouragement and kind words.
When it comes to her writing, Eli has one ultimate goal: to become better with each word written. She is obsessed with the nature of humanity- the innocent, the corrupted and the confused. She’s always been a great love of Science Fiction, but has also grown to love other genres, especially Horror and Fantasy. Looking back on her debut novel “Dead Trees,” Eli wouldn’t change a thing. She feels like she learned from the experience and has grown exponentially as an author since its publication. Her most recent work, “Mastic,” is best described as an urban paranormal thriller with a softer side- touches of romance, hidden feelings and bridled lust.

Next month, Eli will be featured in a charity anthology organized by the fabulous TW Brown. She is thrilled to note that 100% of sale proceeds will go to benefit the V Foundation, a leader in cancer research for the past twenty years. Keep posted on this upcoming publication by following Eli on twitter or facebook. Eli’s works in progress include the much anticipated sequel to Dead Trees, a 3-author anthology exploring the psychosis of serial killers, an (as of now) 6-author anthology exploring humanity in the face of hopelessness and a zombie origins novel (this last work in progress comes as a huge surprise to Eli; she honestly thought she’d never write about zombies, but somehow, she fell down the zombie hole and couldn’t crawl out, or rather, didn’t want to crawl out).

Find out more about Eli on her website:
Follow Eli on twitter: @Author_EliC

Armand Rosamilia
Horror. Heavy Metal. Zombies.
Armand Rosamilia, Author

find me at

Rebecca Besser
Rebecca Besser resides in Ohio with her wonderful husband and amazing son. They've come to accept her quirks as normal while she writes anything and everything that makes her inner demons squeal with delight. She's best known for her work in adult horror, but has been published in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for a variety of age groups and genres. She's entirely too cute to be scary in person, so she turns to the page to instill fear into the hearts of the masses. She's currently seeking an agent with her first novel, Nurse Blood, with hopes to expand her reach of dread through a mass market publication in the future. Meanwhile, you can join her dark minions by learning more about her on her blog, Facebook page, or Twitter: FB - Author/Editor Rebecca Besser; Twitter - @BeccaBesser.


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