Review: Dead Islands: Necrose Series Book One by Tim Moon

BEN CHASE and his friend TY are fresh from teaching English in South Korea, and they’re on their way to experience the Big Island of Hawaii – but their vacation turns into a nightmare when two passengers unexpectedly die during their flight.
Desperate to recover their sense of excitement, they meet up with Ty’s friend Anuhea and her friend Charlotte, who Ben finds himself instantly attracted to. But their plans quickly unravel as a rampant infection hits the islands and they find themselves surrounded by flesh-eating monsters.
Law and order degenerates into a daring fight for survival, and Ben is faced with a critical decision that places the fate of his friends in his hands. And what he must do to save them is unthinkable…
Dead Islands will leave your skin crawling as you follow Ben and his friends’ terrifying encounter with the deadly Necrose-7A virus, and their desperate attempts to survive the doomed island paradise.

I received this book via Story Cartel to give an honest review.
You know it is really hard to write a good zombie book. You have to make sure you have a lot of key points within the story being told. You have to have an awesome plot, the characters have to be written in a way of how they would be able to adapt to something so terrifying, you have to make it real feeling. 
With Dead Islands I enjoyed the bit of mystery surrounding how zombies are happening. You have people having a cough and then it goes from there. 
Ben and Ty are on an adventure to Hawaii but their trip is not all fun. It seems as though whatever has affected the people on the plane has now affected those on the island of Hawaii. But no one seems to understand or know how severe it all is. 
I really enjoyed the build up of it all coming together but I never got the answer to what caused this to happen. The little information we did get makes me wonder if it was put out there by the government. 
The way Ty seemed to act with everything going on just didn't click for me as how I would imagine. He wasn't freaking out but more along the lines of acting like maybe he was sick? You just have to read the book to find out. There is a lot of action within the book some of it a bit gory but nothing to severe. 
Also the chapters of the book. The time really kept confusing me as it wasn't like 10:00 a.m. it was more of 1800, now I do know that others may have understood it but I didn't.
With the way the ending happened it wasn't much of a cliff hanger but it was enough to make you wonder exactly what else can go on. Where is this virus all happening at? The ending has new characters come into play just a F.Y.I.. And it seems there will be a second book. Which I would love to read to see if questions will be answered. I do hope there is more of a plot building and that the characters act real into the situation. 

Tim Moon
TIM MOON is a writer and avid hiker from Washington State. Tim was an editor for the Salmon Creek Journal at Washington State University, where he graduated with a BA degree in political science and a minor in psychology. Tim is a lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy and primarily writes in those genres. He loves to travel, go backpacking, play with his dog, and watch movies. Tim wrote Dead Islands, book one of the Necrose Series, while living in South Korea as an English language teacher.


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