Review: Wicked Destiny by Tiffany Stevens

Sloane has alway known she was different, but she never knew her every existence tipped the balance between good and evil. Sloane learns the truth that has been kept from her all this time but the question that remains is will she choose the easy way out or will she fight to prove she's nothing what the prophecy claims she is.

I received this book to give an honest review.

And I also picked up a copy when it was free on amazon!

LOVED this book from the beginning to the end! 

Sloane is not your average woman! When we first start the story out we are in a dream of Sloane's and that is where it gets interesting and you wonder what exactly is going to happen now. I love the way Sloane is portrayed she is just this bad-ass chick that has an awesome tattoo not only that she is a bartender/bar owner. I enjoyed how Sloane could handle herself and didn't hesitate to grab someone by their throat to make sure she got her point across! 
Sloane is different than normal people, she changes her eye color and she seems to have some type of powers!  But she doesn't understand it at all. Her best friend Shay has stayed by her side through everything she has been through with heartache, and death! I love the relationship she has with Shay! It is how a best friend relationship should be, the way they take care of each other is just awesome. 

Sloane is trying to forget the one who broke her heart so many years ago, but it is hard no one is like him at all. That is until a new guy comes into her life, and she learns that all those fairy tales we hear about you know the things that go bump in the night are totally real. And she isn't human she is something else that someone wants. 
There was a lot of suspense with what Sloane was going through, which side would she pick? Good or Evil? I loved how I got to watch Sloane go through a transformation so to speak, and I can only wait to read book two as I a really want to know okay what is going to happen now. 

You want the paranormal? You want a bad-ass chick that doesn't take shit from anyone? You want a story that will have you swooning over a heart-breaker? Makes it hard for you to pick good or evil? Than go and get a copy of Wicked Destiny! 

Tiffany Stevens
What About Tiffany? Well I love to read and write. I love the fact I meet new and fabulous people on the internet. Bloggers, readers and especially the writers have been very welcoming and helpful. I can't wait to bring more stories to life.


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