Review: Sleep, Little Pigeon by Scarlette D'Noire

When Hayato finally convinces his parents to let him visit his grandmother in Japan, he has no idea of the danger that awaits him. He stops to see the beautiful Mt. Fuji and the locals warn him against going into the Sea of Trees, for there are demons in the Aokigahara forest. Will Hayato heed their warnings or will he enter the suicide forest and become one of its victims?

I was given this book to give an honest review.

After reading the blurb, I was interested into see how this story was going to turn out. The author did a terrific job bringing the story full circle in such a way that you understand what is going on, in 30 pages. It is normally hard to do that, being as you have to pack so much information into a short story that you could leave some things out by mistake. This author hit it right on head. 
I like the whole mysterious suicide forest, I actually looked up Aokigahara forest to see if this is a true place and IT IS! OMG that is totally freaky but in a way amazing. I have always been intrigued with the Japanese culture and their demons and this book makes me want to look into it even more.

The cover is just awesome looking, not sure I have seen a cover that goes so well with the story.
While this book talks about a young man named Hayato, you are taken through his eyes of his journey into the suicide forest. At the end of the book there is a little information for those that need help talking about suciide which I think is a great idea to put in there. 

Scarlette D'Noire

Originally from Chicago Scarlette D'Noire is an American author currently residing in Florida with her husband and two furry children. A lover of all things vampire, Scarlette has published two books in the anthology series, Vampires Romance to Rippers, an Anthology of Tasty Stories, and an Anthology of Risqué Stories with several outstanding authors.
She is currently writing two books in the Vampire Historia a Series of Revelations, collections: Nicolai's Fate and Delano's Undoing. She has published a short in the Vampire Historia Series titled The Making of Marea. Scarlette D'Noire is a nom de plume used to protect the true identity of the author so she may bring Vampire Historia a Series of Revelations to light without consequences.


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