Review: Swan Loch by Randy Mixter

She arrived on the wind. It's August 8th, 2012, more than four months after his wife's murder. Sheriff Chris Hayward has made it his life's quest to find her killer, but every lead has come to a dead end...until now. A young girl has wandered into the town of Swan Loch, Maine. She seeks out one person, Emma Carson, a teacher at the local school. She claims the wind brought her there, and she has a message for Sheriff Hayward. Your wife is alive and I know where to find her. Chris, Emma, and the girl with no name will now journey to a place where all mysteries will be solved, where one believed lost forever may again be found, and where evil has discovered the perfect hiding place. But they must hurry, because in less than 12 hours the killer will strike again.

Not only did I receive this book from the author to give an honest review I also picked it up from amazon when it was free.

After reading the blurb I was like okay I will totally give this book a shot, it sounds right up my alley. It started off holding my interest but then the author through in the paranormal and it really was like um...what? I felt as though maybe if the paranormal aspect was put into the story a lot earlier than it could have possibly been believable within the story. 
Also I couldn't connect with the romance between the two main characters. It didn't seem or feel real to me. I thought maybe it was a rushed type relationship. Being as the first half of the book they were "meeting" then bam they get married. Then the so called mystery comes into play. 
 The other dimension within the story it felt more of a science fiction. The story line did seem promising besides the flat characters and the other dimension thrown in. I would have liked more details with the murders, how exactly was the killer able to come into our world and do his dirty work? I felt as though this was left out for me. 

If you like sci-fi books with a romance thrown in the mix then get this book. Would I read more by this author probably just to see if he has a different writing style than this book. It gets a 3 1/2 rating just for me finishing the book, enjoying a bit of the story line (where the killer is involved). 

Author Randy Mixter lives in Pasadena, Maryland, with his wife Veronica and their five cats. He writes in a variety of genres including Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Mysteries, and Suspense Thrillers. He currently has several novels and short stories available, with more on the way.
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