Review: Dark DNA A Paranormal Romance: Cera D. Colby

Gabby Roberts always knew that supernatural beings were real. Ever since she was a child she’d known that creatures like vampires and werewolves had to exist. There was no doubt in her mind. In fact, she once saw a werewolf - right below her own bedroom window, when she was just a kid.
Not a kid anymore, Gabby made that her life's mission and has been working on proving their existence ever since. Utilizing her scientific studies, her mechanical wizardry, her constant research - it had all been with one single purpose in mind - to be able to prove to the world that they, supernatural beings, did indeed exist!

But based on the way things were going now it just looked like she would be laughed at forever. She’d been working on her invention forever and it still didn’t do what she wanted it to.

By reading the title I thought wow this would be a good book to read, but for me it wasn't a great read. It was okay. I think that the author could have used more character developing with both Gabby and Asher. The beginning started off pretty good, and I got into it. But then it slacked off tremendously when Gabby and Asher started hanging out. The book seems rushed after Gabby tackles Asher. Even the fight scene seemed rushed. I am not a big fan of cliff hangers, but the way this book ended it makes me want to see if something interesting happens. Maybe the author has done some much needed character improvements? 
One thing I noticed was the author used the word mugged in the story when describing how Gabby and Asher met. I think she could have used a different word because it didn't seem like a mugging to me. 


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