Review: I Won't Let Go by Sharie Heading

18772039A compelling true story about a family and a woman whose international child custody battle unwraps itself into a much bigger picture, exposing judicial and political corruption, kidnappings, death threats, prostitution, drugs, money, and the power that they hold in the fight to save a little girl. It has love, unfailing courage, creativeness, determination, and persistence. I Won't Let Go provides gives much needed help and information on how to research, prepare, and plan your parental defense in the unfortunate event that your child is abducted. There are over 400,000 children kidnapped every year, many by a custodial or non-custodial parent. This book will not only help parents find courage, strength, and hope, but also focus on ideas that lend positive strategies to the situations in helping themselves, keeping the faith in efforts to have a positive outcome, and do what is truly in the best interest of their children.

I received this book to give an honest review. I was really intrigued to read this story after reading the blurb. I wanted to to read the story of this fight for a little girl and to see how deep it could go. Even though there was a about 3 typos I still will give this book a solid 5. The story is very real, and I really want to find out more about Granbury. Being as I live in Texas I have never heard of such a corrupted town before. I am not sure how these parents were able to even want to keep fighting for little Chrissy with so many people not on their side. What her mother was putting her through just broke my heart as a parent. Now with this story being told it is told by the stepmother. So you are getting everything told through her recollections of things. The ending broke my heart, I don't even want to say anything more as I know it will be giving it all away. 
You can feel the love that is told within the story and feel the fight and never giving up on a child. It is a book that will move you, and I recommend this as a must read. There is also information at the end of the book for those that need resources or help. 
It amazed me on how different countries handle custody battles and the language is sometimes a barrier. It is so hard not to give up even when your back is against the wall and I give these parents props on never ever giving up. 


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