Review: Sugar in my Whiskey

Maogupsie County. Ever heard of it? Yeah, most folks haven't. It's a place tucked away from city life, from fancy cars, mobile phones and cable television. We got us just one honest-to-god town and whole lot of country around it. We own a good bit of it, you'd never know it by lookin' at us, though. Us Pilkermans are an old family. Financed a good part of General Lee's war against northern aggression. Yep, we did. Here recently, we almost got us a fat mailbox money deal, but things didn't quite work out, well not for all of us. We ran when we shoulda stuck it out, spooked when we shoulda been calm and lived in an ignorance of our own making. But it wasn't all our own fault. No, you see, if'n our fine neighbors had been on the up and up, I'd wager things woulda been just fine. I put it all out on paper, good and proper so you can see for yourself. It's a right fine mess. Might want to put away the beverages while you read; I hear tell Coca-Cola shot through the nose is murder on them new fandangled tablet-things.

I received this book to give an honest review.
Funny once you start understanding the words from the backwoods people.  You follow the Pilkermans who make moonshine. When a warrant gets put on their door well that is when the city police (feds) come into town to investigate the Pilkermans, not only that word is getting around that maybe what they were doing was illegal. It felt very old southern within the story with people chasing hogs, catching things on fire. Backwoods moon-shining. This is a quick read that will have you laughing at times and wondering what exactly is going on with the Pilkermans and the town. 


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