Review: Scarlet Night by Megan J. Parker and Nathan Squiers

Zane's horrific past is forever etched into his skin. His anger and pain overcome his body and turns him into the beast he's come to accept himself as. But, is there a way to save himself from the beast he has become? Especially when the anger makes him feel complete... **** Serena can't let go of the past, and, in the spectral embrace of her murdered lover, Devon, she has little reason to... Until Zane arrives on her doorstep (and blows it into splinters). However, she can't deny the true desire she feels in Zane's strong embrace. Will she be able to resist Zane's mysterious allure, despite her own budding passion? Especially when the passion makes her feel complete... **** As their personal pasts continue to haunt them, the future for them and their clan grows evermore in jeopardy of the malicious schemes of a familiar force. Can an untamable beauty finally submit to her destiny, and can a slaughterous beast be swayed of its catastrophic nature? Or will the lover and the fighter be doomed to lose themselves amidst the chaos?

I love anything and everything written by these two authors. The story that they can weaver keeps you not only entertained but engaged. You WANT to find out what is going on with the main characters, you find yourself falling in love with the series right after you read book one. If you have read the Prequels to this story then you know who the main characters are and why they are the way they are. I would say you do not have to read them to read this story first but it is a quick fun read to do. Zane is dealing with his demons like he always has been and that is with liquor! Serena is fighting her past and doesn't want to look into the future but when Zane and Serena meet she becomes able to open up to him and tame the beast within him. But can they survive what someone close to Serena has planned? There is plenty of fighting, feelings up to the surface so much is told within the story that you don't want it to end! 

Megan J. Parker
Megan J. Parker lives in a small town in Upstate NY with her fiancee and two devil kitties. She loves all things art and is usually writing, designing or editing videos.
She started with writing poetry before slowly developing into writing short stories and finally, her work developed into novels.


Nathan Squiers
Born in Massachusetts in 1986, Nathan Squiers (The Literary Dark Emperor) grew up in Andover, where his affinity for story-telling flourished due to a love of books and movies as well as an overactive imagination. At the age of 13, Nathan and his mother moved to Upstate New York to be closer to their family.
After surviving public school, where he spent most of his days locked away in the AV room watching old 80s movies on Laserdisc and planning out his next video project, Nathan began a shaky college career. A love of weaving tales and telling stories was motivation enough to pursue an education in English, and, as luck would have it, a series of phenomenal professors were available to get him pointed in the right direction. It was in his first years of college that Nathan began to actively pursue a writing career, starting his first literary journey with a piece that would later become "Noir", the first book of the Crimson Shadow series.
Like any good story, a chaotic turn of events brought Nathan from the very brink of insanity and loneliness to the warm, comforting embrace of Megan, his best friend, lover, kindred spirit, and--more often than not--personal handler. It was with Megan at his side that Nathan was able to continue his writing (sometimes solely motivated by the young lady's threats of dismemberment if he tried to stop). With Megan's help, Nathan was able to see Death Metal, his fourth manuscript, through the publication process.
Nearly ten years later, The Literary Dark Emperor continues to invent stories and put them into a literary sequence that he hopes will be somehow decipherable by other readers. As a lover of all things creative, he works in both novels, novellas, short stories, as well as comic book scripts (just don't ask him to draw something if you don't like stick figures and poorly-executed shapes).
If he's not submerged in the realm of fiction or burning out his retinas with horror movie marathons, Nathan is planning/getting a new piercing/tattoo or enjoying life with his lovely fiancé.


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