Review: Eternal Island by K.S. Haigwood and Ella Medler


A place where vampires rule, witches play, danger lurks and dreams really do come true.
Eternal Island is a paranormal suspense novel, deeply rooted into myth. Vampires and magic form a unique backdrop to a love story with long reaching consequences. Human girl Ariana Lochalan finds herself transported from the relative clam of her 'Nowhere, Arkansas' life into a diametrically opposite existence when she discovers she is a powerful witch and meant to wed High Vampire of Eternal Island, Abe Cambridge. Despite first-sight magnetism, the two protagonists are being pushed apart, obstacles tripping them at every step, outside forces interfering and threatening their peace, and ultimately their lives.
A world rich in magic and intrigue, Eternal Island is the first installment of a saga which has love at its core and delves through the mire that is human nature in a turmoil of feeling and emotion. Would courage, resilience and love be enough to bring together two soul mates?
How much would you sacrifice to save the one who owns your heart?

*Contains Spoilers*
So by reading this blurb I really was excited to read this book. But I had to drop my rating down to a 4 for two reasons.
1. The love even though it was at first sight it seemed rushed between Abe and Ariana. 
2. Ariana doesn't want to marry right away but yet she jumped right into. 

Other than those two things that bothered me with the story it was a really good read. It was kind of predictable with Julie and what she was going to do to the High King and his girlfriend. I do have to say at first even though I knew Ariana was an adult at times I felt like she was an older teenager around 17 or 18. It was just that vibe within the story. 
I really did like the whole island and how it is ruled by vampires and witches and there are humans allowed. But if they want to leave well say bye-bye memories of the island. The way the vampires and witches work together is amazing and I am sure I have not seen that done before. 
Ariana is brought to the island for Abe to be with, but she is more than your average human and how she comes into what she is, is just amazing!  Especially on her "special" day what she was able to do is just like a bit awww moment that was perfect. 
There is one part of the island that Ariana visits with Abe and she hears voices I do hope that in book two Ariana decides to investigate that because I want to know who they are and why they are so angry. 

K.S. Haigwood
Kristie Haigwood is currently writing her 7th novel, Hell's Gift. It's the sequel to her first published novel, Save My Soul. She loves anything to do with the written word, whether it be writing, reading, poetry or even the directions on how to put some toy together for her little girl. She loves sarcasm. If it didn't exist she would be the one to invent it. She is the mother of a 7 year old girl, 16 year old step son (both great kids), 2 awesome dogs & married to her soulmate, who acts no older than 4 and thinks reading without pictures is a solid waste of time. Ella Medler is an author and playwright who lives in Cornwall, UK. She likes to experiment with different genres and is passionate about the human nature. Her works include the satire Martin Little, Resurrected, and the action thriller Blood is Heavier, both part of a series. Blood is Power is due for release in December 2012, and Martin Little Takes Epic Action, in spring 2013.

Ella Medler
Ella Medler is a U.K. Author and free-lance editor. She writes fiction in more than one genre in a seemingly vain attempt to slow down her overactive brain enough to write non-fiction on subjects she knows a thing or two about. She also does not believe in the starchy use of English and ignores the type of rule that doesn't allow for a sentence to be finished in a preposition. Her books are action-driven and well-developed characters are her forte. Loves: freedom. Hates: her inner censor.


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