Review: The Coward's Way Out Ward of the Vampire #4 by Kallysten


I received this ARC copy to give an honest review.

Man Kallysten does it again in the 4th book of this series. Not only that these covers look amazing! They just draw you into the story. These novellas just keep getting better and better. When you start thinking you know what is going to happen bam she starts to surprise you yet again. With The Coward's Way Out we get a better look into Morgan and why he is the way he is and you get to see his personal demons. 

My favorite quote in the book is "Love is a strange thing. Trying to reason with it is a fool's errand." 
This goes perfect with this book being as Morgan and Angelina are so attracted to one another but yet only one of them wants to act upon it. 

You also get to see a side of the butler Stephen that you never saw before. It is like with this book you get a personal view from those that live in the mansion which I think is perfect especially since I have followed this series from book one. 

Morgan is still as hot and sexy as ever especially with his personal demons. 
Angelina she stands up a bit on this one and doesn't take no for an answer and I like that. I think it was about time she started trying to stand up and let her feelings and voice be heard. 

If you want a sexy vampire tale that really isn't your normal vampire story then you have to pick up your copy when it gets released.


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