Review: Wicked Souls bu Sabrina Samples

Fallen angels and murder...Both seem to follow Spencer Bishop as she tries to piece together a past which was taken from her. This is a love story trapped inside a battle between good and evil. With all the divine apprehension, will love prevail or be extinguished.

I received this book to give an honest review. 
After reading the blurb I was like this sounds like a really good book. And it has potential but for me it fell flat. Like really flat. There seemed to be no character building I couldn't relate to the main character in any way. Spencer has married David but when there is an accident that is when things start to become real. There are angels and demons that come into play. Spencer is made for something more than just a normal human life, she has memories that she wants to have back that were taken. Now there is a battle scene and I found it really weird that Spencer has no training what so ever. I mean she just jumps right into battle and doesn't truly get hurt. Found that really like umm this could have been wrote a bit differently. I think the author does have some good talent, but she could build up the story line more, more character building, and not having everything so rushed. I think there could have been more details in the way Spencer felt she seemed rushed to fall in the arms of another man, more details into how Heaven truly looked.


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