Review: Buzz (Book 2 of The Game Trilogy) by Andres De La Motte

In the second installment in a new crime trilogy, a young man is on the run to escape a “game” that blurs the lines between reality and fiction, from an award-winning Swedish author and former policeman.
It's been four months since he was dragged into the Alternative Reality Game that nearly cost him his life, and HP is still on the run. He has everything he ever wished for-freedom, money, and no responsibilities, but he still isn't happy. Plagued by insomnia and paranoia, HP misses the rush and attention of The Game. Sometimes he almost wishes the Game Master would find him.

In Dubai, HP meets Anna Argos, a sophisticated and beautiful Swedish IT millionaire. When she disappears, HP is questioned by the police. Fearing he has been found by The Game, HP returns to Sweden after being released from custody. Determined to uncover the truth about Anna's disappearance, HP uses a fake identity to apply for a job at ArgosEye, the company Anna worked for. In the business of online information management, ArgosEye is involved in some questionable practices, under the control of Anna's husband, the CEO Philip Argos.

Meanwhile, HP's sister Rebecca has started dating Philip Argos. When she unknowingly reveals her brother's real identity to Philip, the police try to bring HP in for questioning again. On the run again, HP refuses to give up and tries to uncover what is really happening at ArgosEye. Before he can find the truth, HP is stopped in his tracks. Thinking he's about to be thrown in prison, HP is taken to the outskirts of the city and left in the woods, where an elderly man hands him a piece of paper. HP believes the game is over, but is it really just beginning?

I received this book via NetGalley.

This installment was a lot better than book 1 was for me. There were no running sentences, no miss spelled words everything flowed together greatly. But I still have not gotten an answer to as who exactly is The Game Master I am hoping in book three all will be revealed. 

You still have the same characters Rebecca and HP along with a lot of new characters that play a big part through out the whole book. You can feel the suspense within the story, and the mystery surrounded Rebecca and HP. HP has been on the run for 4 months and now he is back and he has still haven't given up finding The Game Master. But what happens when he infiltrates a computer company? You follow HP and all the trouble he finds himself in. Rebecca on the other hand seems to be finding herself in trouble for her past! The author did a better job at switching back and forth between HP and Rebecca though at times I felt it could have been improved. I would say if you haven't read book 1 Game that would be okay but you wouldn't really get the characters and why HP is obsessed with finding out the Game Master. 
There are a lot of references to the internet and trolls. The ending and the mission that HP may go on has me intrigued to read book 3 and see what else can really happen.

Ander de la Motte (b. 1971) made his debut in 2010 with [geim], which won the Swedish Academy of Crime Writes First Book Award. He is a former Police Offer and was until recently Director of Security at one of the world's largest IT companies. He is currently an International Security Consultant. With his blend of fast-paced suspense, humor, and informed commentary on IT and social media. Anders de la Motte represents a distinct new voice in Scandinavian crime fiction: wild, playful and full of references to popular culture, including his literary cousin Philip K. Dick


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