Review: Against All Odds by Ju Ephraime

Jayden Farrell accepted long ago that he would not have a passionate relationship with all the bells and whistles that were toted around. When his partner or eight years told him she had found someone who could not only give all the bells and whistles, but wanted to marry her, Jay as his close friends called him, was shattered.
Genevieve Shelton, Genna to her friends, lived a quiet uneventful life with her Grams in a small town in Connecticut. She'd lost her parents at a young age and had been brought up by her Grams with old fashioned values and ideas. Genna didn't socialize much with the young crowd, and had been reluctant to get involved with the young men who usually approached her. When her last relationship ended after only three months, she was in no hurry to get involved with anyone, that was, until Jayden Farrell walked into the bar where she word. Genna found herself burning for him with a fire that threatened to consume her. Can this ill-matched pair find love? Can they too experience the bells and whistles? Read Jay and Genna's story and see how easy it is with the right partner...against all odds.  

I received this book to give an honest review.

Wow the chemistry that develops between Genna and Jayden was OMG! It was not your normal run of the mill let's meet and jump in the sack. They both took their time even though the chemistry would heat up and you would think here they go it didn't happen until much later within the story. This story doesn't have any magic like her other stories this has a bit of jealousy that rears its ugly head. I do have to say when I first started reading this and what Genna ended up doing I was like oh lawd, Jayden is in for it "run, run." But it turned out to be a good thing that Genna did. I am so glad that after what Shannon put Jayden through he didn't give up on love but took his time with finding it and making sure she was the right one. You can tell Genna and Jayden are perfect for each other but will it survive with the heartache that Jayden has been through and the one previous relationship that Genna was in?

Profile photoJu Ephraime ( is the debut author of State of Ecstasy. Her latest novel, Temptation to Sin, was published by ENVISION Business & Computer School, in July 2011. Her next novel, The Man in The Black Top Hat, will be published by ENVISION in November 2011. Her books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ENVISION, Books-A-Million, Borders, Amazon UK (England), Flipkart (India), Amazon CA (Canada), Booku (Australia), Amazon JP (Japan) and many other retailers. 
Ju's books have received great reviews from many different sources, including Midwest Book Review and Readers favorite. 
Ju is a member of the RWA, Women's National Book Association, The Red Room, Filedby, and NAME. She earned her graduate degree from Northeastern University. She has a varied background, but for the past 12 years, has settled in the area of higher education. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Goodreads. Ju lives with her family in Connecticut


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