Review: Strings by Allison M. Dickson

Allison M. Dickson presents a chilling tale of entrapment and greed.
Do you have freedom?
Do you have control?
After four years of turning tricks in a mob-run New York brothel to pay off a debt, Nina is ready to go back to a quiet life in Iowa. Just one more client and the whole nightmare will be behind her, but this last trick turns into a battle for her soul. Meanwhile, the brothel’s sadistic Madam has been hiding away money in order to move up in her family’s organization, and she only wants the half million dollars the reclusive millionaire pays for the girls. But her driver Ramón has other ideas, making off with the money left behind when Nina’s last trick goes unexpectedly awry. The theft comes at a great cost to the Madam, setting off a horrific chain of events that changes them all. The hooker. The driver. The Madam. All of them on a collision course to a place where only madness holds sway.
Who is pulling your Strings?

I received this ARC to give an honest review.
You ever read a book and go OMG this book so freaking awesome, and freaky at the same time? Yeah well this is one of those books. I think Allison is my new fav. horror author.  I was hooked into this book from the beginning I mean you have this Hank  man who is just weird. I mean he stays in his his den for days or weeks with his spells. And his poor pregnant wife has to deal with it. But all that changes within a split second. Not only are you dealing with a freaky man but now we are dealing with prostitutes and the mob. 
In comes Nina who is a prostitute paying off a debt once she crossed the wrong mob man. When she gets a way out well it is more than she bargained for. Money plays a big part within this book and lets just say the money ain't worth it girl! 

What she meets in the Ballas house is not your normal house of horrors this was so much more that I was sucked into this story and I was not putting my kindle down! There is torture within the walls of the Ballas house unlike no other.  
You also meet the driver Ramon who works for the mob as well and he starts feeling a bit guilty when he takes Nina to the house of horrors. But he has his own problems to deal with within the mob.
Now Madam who is pretty much the pimp to Nina she has her own dirty secrets that you will come to read about later on the story and go OMG what the hell is wrong with this family. But yet she starts to understand the torture her girls have been put through.
There is a lot of gruesome shit within this story that I was LOVING it. I mean I could picture the story line hell I could even see it as a movie or a show. By gruesome I mean eye popping, blood, shit, pee. I mean the whole nine yards of freaky! 
I am going to highly recommend this story to all my horror fans as this is a book I know they are going to want to read. 
The author did a great job building the characters up to their potential, the mystery and suspense within the story was just WOW! The ending was different and I liked it.

About the author:
Allison M. Dickson lives in Dayton, Ohio and has been writing since she could hold pencil to paper. It's only in recent years that she started treating the craft as a career. After earning a few small publishing credits, she started selling her short stories online, where she gained a decent following with short stories that include her bestselling titles "Dust" and "Vermin." She soon caught the attention of author and visionary Vincent Hobbes, and her relationship with Hobbes End Publishing solidified with her two contributions to the second volume of The Endlands, and finally with their acceptance of her visceral thriller novel, STRINGS, an expansion of her hit short story "The Good Girls" which released 10/26/13. Additionally, Hobbes End will be releasing her dystopian science-fiction epic, THE LAST SUPPER, in spring of 2014.

When she isn't writing, she can be found every Thursday on the podcast Creative Commoners, a show she co-hosts with her partners in crime, Chris Armstrong and Corey Bishop:


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