Review: The Petrosian Invitation by TP Keating

Oleg Petrosian, the self-made Russian Billionaire, wonders when his un-beating heart will experience a glimmer of love. On a business trip to London, to seal a gas deal, he meets Sam Latham, the chef at a swanky restaurant in South Kensington. After she caters for a business meeting at his nearby home, his private Learjet (flown by his cosmonaut sister) whisks Oleg, Sam and her younger actress sister to Oleg's cliff top home in Russia's Anapa, a health resort on the Black Sea. But can their fledgling romance survive Oleg's deep, dark secret?

I received this book to give an honest review.

I do like vampire books but with this one it was about 84 pages on my nook but it took me a really long time to read it. I kept wanting to read other books and then coming back to this one.
You have Oleg who is vampire billionaire and he ends up meeting Sam who is a chef. Well Oleg and Sam end up having feelings for each other and the ending will leave you going oh I didn't really think that would be it. 
I do like how Sam is a chef and that is how her and Oleg meet. I think that is a very different story than I have read before. And Oleg sounds really sweet. 
There was one part in the book that I had me going okay? It was when there was a fire and Sams sister doesn't really seem to care once Sam is out of the house. She doesn't try to check on her again she just goes on about her business. I know if that was my sister I would have been all up in her face going are you okay? You sure? Can you breath? But with Zoe it didn't happen.
Once the feelings of Sam and Oleg are put out there, Oleg reveals his secret to Sam but she doesn't seem to mind. She doesn't seem to ask questions which I found kind of weird. And what is up with the mob that comes to the door. That was something that I really could not see in this day and age that we live in. But that is just me. I do wish there was more as to how Oleg got turned, it didn't really seem to touch on that too much. 
Now let me get to the cover, I think it could do with an upgrade being as if I saw this book in the store I would totally not get it. The color pops but it doesn't call out to me. 

If you like reading a vampire story where the main characters like each other but don't just rush into a relationship together than this is a book you may want to give a read. 


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