Review: Blue Dust Forbidden by Katy Krump


All teenage girls keep secrets and Kerry Johnston is no exception. More than anyone else she knows how to lie, for ‘Kerry’ is an alias and her life is a nightmare of secrecy, violence and fear. In reality this overweight, limping teenage girl is Qea, a Forbidden child from the Qarntaz Octad, sent to Earth to hide from the warlord she has betrayed. Born third into her family in an overpopulated world where surplus offspring are Forbidden and killed or delivered as fodder for the malevolent Inquisitors, Qea has spent her life in hiding. 
Qea (Pronounced Kee-ah) is a girl with an unusual history. She comes from a distant galaxy where warlords rule the law and corruption is rife, so she must become hard to survive, but here on Earth a young man will change her heart and risk her life, changing it forever.

I received this book to give an honest review.

This was a good sci-fi read but I felt as though I could not fully contact with the characters especially the main character. 
The story started off great and at first I was like okay what exactly does the title of this book have to do with this story. Well you get your answer later on. I had a problem with Qea not trying to take more action it was like she was constantly trying to second guess herself on what was right and what was wrong. When we get into Qea's story she never truly tried to find out why her parents were scared. It is like she just decides to listen to what they tell her and never truly gets to the bottom of it. Yes she finds out the main reason but that is later on.  And what about Adam? He enters into a different world and he just seems okay with it? What is up with him always becoming lost and finding her again? Qea was freaking out about needing money for clothes so she blends in but then Adam is just walking around in his human garments that kind of threw me off a bit. 
The relationship between Qea and Adam is not a normal oh I see you and love you. But more of they take time to like each other and Adam tries to get Qea to see that she needs to think of others and not herself like she has been trained to do. There is talk about faith within the story line but do not let that distract you from the story. 
Qea is a forbidden child who unbeknownst to herself that she has a mission she is to help other children like herself. But at what cost? There is talk of kidnapping, death and some will break your heart. 
I do wonder if there is a book 2 in the works as I would like to know does Qea continue her quest? What happens with Adam does he stay on the planet or does he return to Earth? 

Katy Krump

I was an English and Music teacher before almost losing my sense of humour (and mind) and after a number of children’s musicals I wrote were published, decided I needed to devote myself to writing. I became a full-time television scriptwriter for children, working on the award winning children’s programme Kideo, entered a nationwide scriptwriting competition and was selected to be on the writing team of Generations, a popular South African soap. I also worked as an advertising copywriter, wrote radio ads and jingles, industry specific educational textbooks and readers for illiterate and semi-literate adults, corporate video scripts, CD-ROM programmes for the Independent Electoral Commission before the first democratic elections in South Africa...anything to keep the wolf from the door.

I’m constantly writing, books and TV scripts. In 2000 I embarked on a new journey, crossing the galaxy to settle on a new planet or as some like to call it 'Immigration', and am now a proud possessor of a maroon Intergalactic Wayfarer Permit and have come to love the aliens I mix with daily. 


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