Strange Encounters by: Melissa Stevens

Strange Encounters
Melissa Stevens

I've had a lot of strange dreams in my life. Most of them are average, run of the mill dreams, odd, but just my brain's way of venting. It's some of those others I wanted to tell you about today. They fall in two groups, and though I couldn't tell you which is stranger, they're both pretty odd.
The first started shortly after I turned thirteen. My grandmother passed away the day before my thirteenth birthday, it was hard but things went on. I dreamed about my grandmother now and then, she and I would sit and talk like we had done before she passed away. I didn't think much of it until later. I mentioned said something (I don't even remember what anymore) to one of my parents about something my grandmother had said to me. They looked at me funny and asked where I'd heard it. I told them that my grandmother had told me. They frowned and went on, it was odd but not remarkable, until the next time. Again, I was talking to my dad and said something that my grandmother had said to me. He stopped what he was doing and asked where I'd heard the phrase. I told him that Gram had said it. He told me that his mom hadn't said that since he was a child. Upon thinking back, I realized that she'd said it to me in a dream, and I couldn't remember her ever saying it before she'd passed away. That was when I realized they might be more than simple dreams. That my grandmother was visiting me in my dreams.
Now, it's been more than twenty years since she passed away, and though it doesn't happen often, I still see her in my dreams occasionally.

The other odd kind of dream I had started the same year. We had been looking for my uncle for a while, he'd kind of drifted away from the family and we hadn't heard from him in a couple of years. My mother had contacted Social Security and explained the situation and asked them to get him a message, including her phone number. The search had gone on for several months when I had the dream. It was a Saturday night. I dreamed that my mother was outside hanging laundry when the phone rang and I answered it. It was my uncle calling. I woke the next morning remembering ever detail. I thought it was odd but I didn't know why.
A week later, on Sunday afternoon, my mother was outside hanging laundry (we had specific days of the week we did laundry) and the phone rang. Yes, it was my uncle. Almost every detail was exactly as I had dreamed it.
To this day I remember every detail of both the dream and it actually happening. That wasn't the only time that I've dreamed something that later happened, but it is the most memorable. I've learned to pay attention when I have the really vivid dreams, the ones that really stick with me like that. Usually at least some part of them comes true, if not every detail like the first one.

Do you believe in prophetic dreams? Or communicating with loved ones who've passed on though dreams? Have you had any strange dream experiences?

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  1. Thank you so much for being on my blog. I have always wished I could have dreams like that but alas I have never had one. Well wait I take that back. When I was pregnant 2 years ago with my angel baby I went to get a US and I remember the lady checking me down there in the girly parts and it hurt so bad. I ended up having a dream a few days later that I lost my baby. Sure enough a week later I had a miscarriage. I have never had a dream like that before but I found it so weird. Other than that I have never had anymore.

  2. Thanks so much for having me!
    I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

  3. Happy Halloween! This is my email viviancdelavega (at) gmail (dot) com


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