Eve Paludan Gives Up the Ghost! (And gives away an ebook of Witchy Business!)

Eve Paludan Gives Up the Ghost! (And gives away an ebook of Witchy Business!)

When Fallen Over Book Reviews asked me for a guest blog with a true, personal ghost story or paranormal experience, the truth is, I have a lot of experiences from which to choose. Some of those experiences I heavily draw on as a writer. My fiction has a lot of interwoven life experiences, but I heavily change details so that people and events are unrecognizable, even for people who know me well.

I have also had some angel experiences that profoundly changed my path, including an angel in the back seat of my car who yelled, "Look out!" which caused me to jam on the brakes just before a small child ran in front of my moving car. I stopped just in time. When I am old, and roll the angelic experiences around in my mind to discern what it has meant by it all in the long haul, and make sense of it, I may put them all in a nonfiction book. 

I have occasionally crossed paths with ghosts, including a beloved dog who passed on--I've literally tripped over his ghost a few times--and the ghosts or spirits of various people. One of them was a little boy (about 3 or 4 years old) in a striped polo shirt who thought I was his mom in a 1920s house we were remodeling in Tucson, Arizona. My heart was touched by his voiced pleas of "Mommy!" at odd times. The ghost child made me burst into tears a few times, such was my compassion for his feelings of abandonment. Eventually, he gave up contacting me. I want to believe that he finally went into the light. Another spirit didn't want me using "his" bathroom in a house in Alabama. There are other experiences and the truth is certainly stranger than any fiction I have written.

On the weirder side of things I have personally experienced is a haunted tapestry that had been in our family since long before I was born. My mother's impoverished family took in a young man who had nothing but the clothes on his back and a tapestry that he took everywhere with him. He stayed with them for a time, perhaps several months, and they fed him and let him sleep there. When he left, he wanted to say thank you for their hospitality, but had nothing to give them except his greatest treasure. He did so.

When I was young, my father especially, told us about a strange halo-type light that appeared in the background of the tapestry that Dad believed preceded my birth as something special. It glowed in the dark, according to Dad. I try not to read into that in any pretentious way, only that it was a sign that a new life was coming. It was good news. Eventually, the halo faded after a day or two.

In the 1970s, a strange thing happened with the tapestry and my dad caught it on film, on our then-new Super-8 movie camera while the five of us--three kids and both parents--exclaimed at what was going on, that the tapestry was animated in the background with events we did not understand. All five of us saw what was going on and my dad said this meant that someone in the family was going to die. (And someone did. An uncle of my dad's passed away.) As we all watched, several dark hooded figures moved slowly across the background of the tapestry over the period of a few hours, and they were clearly, to all of us, harbingers of death. The figures were tall and thin and robed. That was the most scared I had ever been in my life, up to that point.

It would be nice if we still had the home movie, but our house was burglarized and the movie camera, projector, and the films were stolen. And alas, the tapestry was lost in a move or perhaps it disappeared on its own through some supernatural means.

It is only all of these years later that I believe that my mother's family in Montreal entertained an angel, unaware that their good deeds of hospitality were a test of a family who had nothing to give--there were many times when my grandmother skipped meals in order to feed others--and yet they gave anyway, from their hearts...

Eve Paludan is the author of books in several genres, including Ghost Fire (ghosts and spirits), The Man Who Fell from the Sky (Angel Detectives #1), Burning, Afterglow and Radiance (Brotherhood of the Blade Trilogy about vampire hunters), and Witchy Business, Witch and Famous and the forthcoming novel, Witch Way Out (Witch Detectives series). 

A free ebook of Witchy Business from Amazon.com will be chosen from the commenters of this blog. The winner will be chosen and must provide an email address in order to retrieve the free ebook from Amazon. Thank you!

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  1. Love the story, thank you so much for sharing. Thanks for being on the blog and helping out with the event. Happy halloween.

  2. Thank you so much!! It was really fun! Happy Halloween to you, too!

  3. Eve, your experiences shine through in your writing.


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