1975: Brian Bigelow

We had just moved to Pueblo, Colorado at the time. It was a rather large duplex close to Mineral Palace Park. One night, after I went to sleep, I heard a knock on the window. It woke me. I simply looked at the ceiling and prepared to go back to sleep. Before I could I heard another knock at the window. Curiosity aroused, I went to the window and looked out. All I could see was the neighbor’s house, their driveway, and everything was dark. Just as turned to go back to bed I could see a glowing ball that was floating just above the concrete. In my amazement I couldn't help but watch it as it went by. When it reached the neighbor’s garage it went up and over their privacy fence. I must say it's one of the strangest things that I've ever seen and I've never forgotten it. That event became the basis for one of my short stories.


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  1. Wow, sounds creepy! Thank you so much for sharing your story. Also thank you for being on my blog. :D Happy Halloween.


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