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Izzy was in a car accident, resulting in her quitting her job.Months later is ready to get back in the world of employment. A once in a life time job becomes available. Izzy is offered an interview, where she meets Donte. Donte is the big boss and it's almost love at first sight, Only Donte has a secret and has lots of difficult choices and obstacles for him to face.

Five fun facts about me -
1 - I'm addicted to photography. I'm always taking photographs.
2 - I always wanted to do dancing, but never got over the fear of humiliating myself.
3 - As a child growing up I would never entertain the idea of vampires, then I watched an episode of 'the vampire diaries' and now I am obsessed with vampires -specially Damon Salvatore ;-).
4 - I'm a sucker for music. I'm a 90's child, but I love the 80's music.
5 - I have been able to do cross stitching since I was 10, however I have never finished a pattern. I lost interest.

Three fun facts about -
Donte -
1 - Donte has a secret obsession with cars.
2 - He hates his photo being taken.
3 - I love to have lazy Sundays in bed with a special lady ;-) although I can't say there spent being lazy.

Izzy -
1 - Izzy is an ass and an eye person.
2 - Izzy is always right - even when she's wrong, which is never becauae she's always right. (woman's prerogative right?)
3 - Izzy has an obsession with chilli nuts. She would recommend ya all try some ;-)

About the author

T.L. Messruther was born in 1991 in Hull, United Kingdom. She moved to Scarborough, United Kingdom at just weeks old where she was raised. She attended school until 2005, when at just age 15 she fell pregnant with her son, who was born in 2006. Once pregnant, she chose to move back to her birth place to raise her son. In 2009, she gave birth to her daughter. While raising her children, reading became one of her passions.

In 2012, she met a lady who was just on her journey of becoming a self published author. She gave her the courage to pursue her own dream to write her own book, thus relighting her passion for writing. T.L. is currently in the process of writing her debut novel in the trilogy, which will be the first book of the Love, Lies and Hurt Trilogy. It is expected to be released in 2013.

T.L. Messruther and her family continue to live in Hull, United Kingdom. She is also in the process of enrolling in a course to become a midwife at her local college.

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