JGBS presents: Black Jack by Rani Manicka


The battle for a boys soul has begun.

An alternative vision of our origins told through a moving and highly engaging paranormal metaphysical story.

Black has spent his entire life cocooned in his bedroom until one day he is visited by a mysterious Inter-dimensional being. The being offers him a wondrous and thrilling adventure in exchange for help.

On the journey he meets Dakota, the beautiful but damaged girl whose masters, are a secretive dark hierarchy who seek to trap Black in a game laced with seduction, betrayal and murder.

Stalked by a deadly foe, Black must use his metaphysical powers to defeat the ancient evil that stalks him. If he fails, the consequences will not only impact those he loves, but all of mankind.

Rani Manicka is an International best-selling novelist and the author of three previous books. Her works have been translated in 26 languages. Black Jack is her fourth and latest novel. A provocative, unforgettable tale that questions the beliefs that lie at the very heart of humankind.
Based on the ancient Gnostic gospels of the Nag Hammadi texts,the book attempts to address the difficult issues that humanity wrestles with on a daily basis;envy, greed, lust, loyalty, sexual deviance and pedophilia. It seeks answers to compelling questions - Is God real? Who is the Devil?

I received this book to give an honest review.

I found myself often confused as to what was going on exactly at one point and time. The beginning had me engaged into this story my heart broke for little Dakota and what she was put through. But after the first few chapters I found myself drifting off on the story, I could easily put the book down and do something else. I enjoyed how Black fell for Dakota and wanted to help her being as she was a victim to someone who was evil and loved to torture people.

When everyone had to vote I kept hoping that the voting would go in favor of Black and not the other way around, my heart went out not only to Dakota and what she went through but for Black and his mother. His mother Bumi was so kind and didn't think twice about caring for her child and Black even though he had his own handicaps you could tell there was a light inside of him. In the end who can you trust? And would us as humans be so willing to end one's life for greed?

I would say this is more of a sci-fi genre, and if you enjoy that type of book with, mind-control and a being from somewhere else, a bit of time traveling then you should give this book a read.

About the author:
Rani Manicka, an economics graduate, was born and educated in Malaysia and divides her time between Malaysia and England. Her first novel 'The Rice Mother'Infused with her own Sri Lankan family history is a vivid imaginative story about the frailties of human nature and the consequences of war. It won a Commonwealth Writers Prize in 2003.

She has published a further two novels,'Touching Earth'in 2005,a dark and compelling tale of love,betrayal and addiction, her current novel 'The Japanese Lover' was released in 2009, a story set in Malaya during the Japanese occupation, an absorbing story of unconventional love between captor and captured.

Rani Manicka's latest novel, BLACK JACK is out NOW.



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