Review: The Silent Swan by Lex Keating

The Silent Swan
Once upon a time – better known as “now” - Gabriel Pritz reigns as king of his high school. Easy grades, perfect baseball season, a pretty date for prom—he's coasting into a golden future. Until his parents demand he cook dinner once a week. Caught between kitchen fires and ballpark withdrawal, Gabe is thrown into Tam Swann's orbit. Hostile, friendless, and stubborn, she's exactly the sort of person he'd prefer to avoid.

Tam's sphere of influence expands beyond Gabe's sad domestic skills, rapidly invading everything from his favorite game to parts of his soul he didn't know existed. It's uncomfortable, it's hard work, it's...making him a better man. And that's just what she does to people she doesn't like. The better he gets to know her, the more he has to face the truth: this sharp, heart-breaking outcast is worth fighting for. How many families, fairy tales, and felons will he go through to ride to the rescue of the bravest person he's ever met?
I received this book to give an honest review.

I was really torn on what to give this book. It started with a 3.5 star rating then I moved it to 5 then I just decided okay I am going to go with a 4 star rating, or wine glass in my case.

Okay I thought the story was a decent read you have a young girl who seems a lot wiser than her years. She is in foster care, along with her siblings and she seems to be fighting for them all to be together when she is of legal age.

You have Gabe who is a senior and ends up falling for Tam being as not only is she a famous baseball player's daughter she is strong, doesn't take any bull and doesn't like for people to run her or her family over. She cares deeply for her family more than she does herself. With that being said she seems like the type of girl that Gabe needs in his life, she might actually keep him in line lol.
There is a lot of baseball talk within this book, and even though I am not a huge baseball fan it wasn't those type of baseball books that lures you to sleep with things you don't really care about. It was more about the sport and those playing the game.
I liked how this book was all about family no matter what the circumstances were it goes to show you that families need to stick together and their is a love there like no other. Now there are a lot of brother's on both sides of the characters in the book. Gabe has I think 4 or 5 and Tam I am not quite sure exactly. I think there are 6? It gets a bit confusing even though you do not get much talk out of the brothers on Tam's side.

My favorite saying in this book: "How many pieces could a heart be broken into and still beat?" How sweet and simple is that question?
There was a certain part of the book where we really get to see Tam fight for her siblings and that was one of the best parts in the book.

Now I did have some questions in this book. One being When Stephanie is talking to Gabe, I didn't understand exactly what she meant by this. "This won't hurt. Promise. You're hiding it so well nobody else has noticed, but something's very off with you." Okay umm what? I didn't understand what won't hurt. That never seemed clear to me.

This was a minor detail that bothered me and I know I might be reading too much into it but I figured I would bring this up. Tam is in the truck with Gabe, Gabe looks over at her and she flopped against the bench. "Let me think." What bench? I thought they were in the truck.

Gabe, I kind of liked him but he seemed to get a bit too violent with his brothers over Tam. I mean he literally wanted to hurt his brothers bad which I found to be a big turn off. I get he liked Tam and didn't want his brothers to lay "claim" to her but this is not the cave man times.

Gabe grabbed her (Tam) by the bat and pulled her away from the casserole dish. Umm how exactly did he grab her by the bat if she was cooking? Did not make sense to me.

Overall a decent read I do believe I would read more by this author, she has a good story line but it kind of fell short with me. I enjoyed the way she wrote about the foster care system and how one sibling loves her family so much she will fight for them no matter what others think of her in the end.




  1. I finished it yesterday and posted my review today. I was hoping the romance element, hinted at very well by the cover of the book, would kick in eventually but, alas, I was disappointed! Such a long book to hold out so long on that off the screen kiss! Geesh. Oh well.

    You can check out my review of THE SILENT SWAN, or not... ;)

  2. Hi! Sorry I am just now seeing this. I am going to go and check out your review right now. I as well was hoping a nice romance element to it the cover totally disappointed me.


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