Review: The Secret Tree by Jeff Bennington

The Secret Tree
When 13-year old Andy Harper inherits a secret from his dying neighbor, Mr. Beasley, he discovers how sinister the world can be, what true friendship means, and that being a hero in 1959 may cost him his life.

Grieving from his father's disappearance and his grandfather's death, Andy is nearly hopeless. The intrigue of the secret, and his friendship with Mr. Beasley, give him a renewed sense of purpose. But when the men who used to run with the local mob discover that Andy knows about the "secret", they come out of the shadows and a hunt for the evil truth begins.

Andy finds himself fighting for his life, committed to his promise, and searching for answers in a house haunted by a one-handed witch.

I received this book to give an honest review.

The Secret Tree is in a way a ghost story. But with a whole lot more to it.

You have a mystery such as a young boy's dad who just up and left, and no one know why exactly. The town has some evil things going on within it. Andy is trying to fill his fathers shoes and his grandfather.

Andy's neighbor Mr. Beasley is extremely sick and holds a secret that he has held for years. He was best friends with Andy's grandfather and knew his father really well and Mr. Beasley has a secret from Andy's grandfather that he has held for years.

As soon as Andy learns this secret Andy's life changes forever! Or at least the town he use to know changes. He meets new people who help him on his quest to find the answers.

People will go to whatever links they can to stop a secret from getting out! Will Andy and his friends be caught into the crosshairs? You will just have to read this to find out. This was a really great I would say ghost story. The characters were well-written and the storyline came together perfectly. I would recommend this book to all to give a read. You never know you may enjoy it.

My Rating: 5 wine glasses

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