Review: Wings of Vengenace by Kylie Price

Wings of Vengeance
Destinies will collide and romance will bloom...Lara is a human whose soul has been reanimated by Mathias. Her new life is driven by two things only: revenge and sorrow. And it requires her to fight in a war that has been raging for more than two millennia. After serving her purpose, Mathias will have to take back the life that he has given her.
Rollan, one of Mathias's first creations, has fallen deeply in love with Lara. He is determined to keep Lara from leaving and convince her to begin a life with him. Rollan will soon find himself fighting not just for Lara's love but for her very survival.
Will his love for her prevail? Or will Lara pursue her quest and soar off with her Wings of Vengeance? Discover the answer in a spellbinding tale suffused with magic and suspense, romance and passion.

I received this book to give an honest review.

I would have given this book a 4 1/2 star rating for the simple fact of the grammar errors that would occur here and there, and the way the author used a certain word when describing sex. But I decided that 5 stars would be so much more better, because I could look over all of that, and I was hooked into the storyline and the characters.

*May contain Spoilers*

I was either feeling the way Lara was at times or laughing my butt off at the male characters in this story. 
Lara has come back and has received immorality, with that she has been training hard for nineteen years to get revenge for what happened to her. Lara along with her new family hunt Spawns also known as Vampires so with her hunting and killing these spawns she is also looking for vengeance.  Now you will not truly know what happened to her fully and what is causing her to hunt certain men down until later on in the story! This was one part that had me intrigued and turning the pages to find out. You get a small taste, but that is all until later then the whole story becomes clear as to why Lara is so hard. Not only that, once Lara finishes her last job she is wanting to leave and she wants to leave by a certain date. Now I kept thinking to myself man why by a certain date? What could this mean! Well you find that out also later on and it will surprise you a bit. This also kept me guessing until it became clearer. There was a real suspense in this writing that keeps you hooked until the last page.

With Lara wanting to leave, it is hard on everyone especially Rollan. He has a love for Lara unlike any other and at times I didn't think she quite realized his love was so deep for her. Can he convince her to stay?

Now there are sex scenes like no other in this story and it is OMG juicy! But my problem with these scenes was the fact that the author could use the word penis, clit and nipples. But when it got down to it she used the world to describe the womanly parts as "girlie" that just totally threw me off constantly when that was used. I actual had to use my own word instead of "girlie."

With that aside, Lara befriends a couple of girls at a night club and one that she got close to ends up in danger. And let me say when I read what was happening with her I felt so horrible for Sam! But I did have a question for the author on this one. Sam got bit right? And she did drink Roth's blood right? So wouldn't she have turned into a Spawn? Or no? I hope the author can clarify that for me.

There was more funny roll on the floor laughing my ass off moments with the guys in this story! But two that really stuck out with me was where the guys Marcus, Damon, Rollan and Byron all talking about how "hung" they all were! Man now that is an image us females want to keep in our minds. :D

My favorite quote in this book was said by Marcus. " My sword is like my cock. It's better to have it and not need it, than not have it and need it."

The hospital scene actually had my heart just melting! I got a bit teary-eyed just reading it.

If you are looking for a book that will keep you intrigued in suspense, laughter,  action, love and romance with paranormal and  keep you turning the pages. This is a book  you want to read! I highly suggest you go and get your copy.

My Rating: 5 Wine glasses

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