Review: Sea Witch by Brian Bigelow

The Sea Witch
Do you believe in second chances?

Do you believe that a man who’s made mistakes can change?

Timothy Hutton is on the cusp of self-discovery. Will discovering what everyone else already knew, that he's a dirty rotten scoundrel, push him over the edge or inspire him to change his life.

“The Sea Witch”, explores a devastating darkness and the journey of one man back from the brink of self-destruction and the violence he subjected both himself and others to. Can love really heal his wounds and will it offer him an opportunity for redemption?

I received this book to give an honest review.

It was a decent read, pretty much the main character ends up changing his life after his wife leaves him. He buys his self a boat and travels the ocean to get away from his past pretty much. This author does have a talent for writing though I would like to see where he goes with horror more than the romance of things.

You get a man, a boat, a woman later on and the open sea! It all makes for a short story which is a quick, quick read.

My Rating: 4 wine glasses

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