Review: Hollywood Ass by Jonas Eriksson

Hollywood Ass.A Hollywood superstar suffers a mental collapse, her marriage is falling apart, her career is on the ropes and the only one keeping it all together is her loyal assistant and friend, Darryl. Problem is, he's kind of in love with her. Soon he finds himself drawn into a story that is much like the movies his employer stars in. But in real life the answers aren't in the script...

Enjoy this romantic and humorous story about Hollywood, fame, friendship and love.

I received this book via Story Cartel to give an honest review.
This is normally not a book I would think about picking up to read. But I ventured out of my comfort reading zone and decided to give this book a read! I was amazed at this book. I found myself staying up until 11 to get to the next chapter as I wanted to know what was going to happen next with Darryl and his client B.

Now the only thing that bothered me a bit was the naming. You had A who was B's husband, after just reading A and B constantly with no given names it just bugged me a bit. But I did get use to it. But I did understand the reasoning behind not giving the characters A and B full names as they are "celebrities". Overall you get a romantic and funny book. You almost feel sorry for Darryl as he comes to terms that he has a crush on B but nothing happens. I did like the ending where Darryl never gave up on his dream and he almost got everything he ever wanted.

This was a fun read for me and I would like to read more from this author in the future.

My Rating: 4 1/2 wineglasses

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