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Title: The Healer's Daughter: Affliction
Author: Susan Burdorf
Genre: Paranormal Romance Fairytale
Cover Designer: Marcy Rachel Designs
Release Date: July 2013 by Parthenon Press
Blurb/Synopsis: Seventeen year old Clarissa Green is a simple healer’s daughter. She collects herbs in the woods, she is loved by Henry, and her favorite flower is the daisy because that is the flower Henry gave her as a promise of his love.

Everything is perfect.Until the day Clarissa learns she has a gift. She can bring the dead back to life. Her world will never be the same again. Within months she is orphaned by her mother’s death in a strange blue fire, she finds out her real name is Lady Clarinda Strong, and she is taken from her village to live with her real family. She is forced into an engagement with the mysterious Lord William Gray who has a secret of his own.

Can Clarissa figure out what is going on in time to save herself? Will Henry find her before it is too late? And what is the secret that Lord William Gray is hiding in the tower of his castle? One day, when Lord William is away, she opens the tower door, and finds herself in a world she never knew existed. One that just might change everything she knew to be true…

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About the Author Susan Burdorf has loved fairy tales since she was old enough to read. The story of Sleeping Beauty, on which Affliction is based, is one of her favorites. Susan lives a quiet life in Nashville TN where she enjoys taking time to explore her second childhood with her grandchildren,with whom she continues to read fairy tales long after they have fallen asleep. She can often be found searching for fairy rings in her backyard.
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