Blood Rose Blog Tour by Jacquelynn Gagne

Blood Rose
By Jacquelynn Gagne
It’s true no one can out run Death. But Death doesn’t always want your existence. In Lianna’s case it wants her mortality.
Long have Lianna’s dreams been a window into another time. A place that is as magnificent as it is dark. Frightened and weary from the physical toll the nightmares take on her body she turns to her psychic friend for guidance, which results in prophetic visions of Lianna’s death.
Mercenaries come after Lianna to stop her from fulfilling her fate. A destiny at her beloved’s side while rediscovering the real magic within her. Facing demise brought down on her by the hands of the mercenaries, the power of love offers her a new life as a vampire which ultimately fulfills the same epic fate the murderous villains fought to keep her from.
Author interview and book review.
I received this book to give an honest review for a blog tour. May contain spoilers.

After reading the blurb it was not really what I was expecting. It was a good read, one that I would recommend to others but I had questions and no answers in this book.

Lianna is a very clumsy girl, who has nightmares! But not your normal run of the mill nightmares! She actually felt pain and got hurt from her nightmares. She lives a normal life that is until she comes across Damien! And then Lianna learns there is a whole other world besides the humans. There are super natural beings who live among the humans, wow right. Well not all is what it seems, you are going to have your bad super naturals and your good ones. Lianna happens to run into both.

Now Lianna is a very independent character, she doesn't like to get close to anyone and likes to take care of herself despite her clumsiness. Her best friend Nessa is very kind and you can take she cares about Lianna and worries about her constantly. Damien is protective over Lianna but not the crazy protective you read in some books. There is a spark between these two characters that is sweet.

My favorite quote said by Lianna to Damien: "Now why on Earth would I ever leave you when I've only just found you?"

Now with that all being said here are the questions I had and be warned * IT MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*

1. Lianna does study sessions? That was never brought up until she mention's it to Nessa. I thought she just worked at the restaurant only.

2. How can Lianna love Damien so quickly? She just really met him? I found that a bit unbelievable.

3. Damien says twice he knows who tried to kill her, but yet she is stuck on him lying about going to Florida? I think if someone was after me and my boyfriend or what ever knew, I think I would want some answers as to who the heck they are.

4. What is a ping id? She says it twice and uses the id one three times. Example: The word pinged off my id making me flinch? Umm what?

Overall the book was a good read, and I kept turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next, considering that I did read this book, I will be wanting to read book two as I want to know what happens next with Lianna and Damien. If you like a paranormal book then get your copy.

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