Review: Spellbinding Fire by Christina Ricardo

Spellbinding Fire (Firewitch, #1)Serafin, a novice healer, is committed to do whatever it takes to help her sick friend Gaia, defying any rules that prohibit her. With the trusted support of Ash, an official Guardian of the Guild, she breaks into the restricted wards and performs a healing enchantment. But in doing so she exposes a conspiracy that endangers not just her career, but her sheer existence and that of her friends. In order to expose the bitter secrets of others, Serafin will be forced to reveal secrets of her own in a land where those with powerful and evil magic crush the lives of anyone who stands in their way.
I received this book to give an honest review.
I was really impressed with this book, I did not quite know what to expect! It is about healers and magic. The writing was done beautifully. The story flowed together and I actually wanted more at the end of the story it was just one of those stories that I wanted to know more about Serfin's growing powers.
The characters were great, the both worked together perfectly. Serfin and Ash (who is a guard to protect healers) uncover a dark secret that no one else really knows. Yes there are rumors but could they be true? They go through a lot to bring this secret to life but what will it cost them?
A would so recommend this read to the YA and others. There is some fight scenes but nothing over the top. I can not wait to read more from this author.

My Rating: 5 wine glasses

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