Review: My Reluctant Warden by Kallysten

My Reluctant WardenWhen her boss brought her to the party of the season, Mr. Ward’s birthday bash, Angelina thought she had slipped on Cinderella’s shoes.

Now that she is compelled to remain in the mansion, trapped with a host who was only pleasant to her in a shared fantasy, the dream abruptly turns sour.

Under other circumstances, she might enjoy staying in an opulent guest suite, with a butler waiting on her every desire. But her cage, as gilded as it may be, remains a prison, and her host, even if he wishes she were gone, is still her warden.

As she struggles to get used to the situation, she can’t figure out what to think of Morgan Ward, a man who claims to be a vampire, who at times ignores her and at times shows himself unexpectedly thoughtful. A man she’s attracted to despite her better judgment.

However, an unexpected conversation with her boss may give her no choice but to get much closer to Morgan than she’s ready for…

I received this book to give an honest review.
My Reluctant Warden picks up right where book one left off. Oh my goodness Morgan Ward is just so much more yummy! Poor Angelina is slowing starting to figure everything out and is getting answers slowly. But it seems like her getting her answers is like pulling teeth! Angelina learns that she is a pawn by Mrs. Deliah, and she is not able to leave Morgan Ward's house! Now are the sex fantasies that she is having with Morgan are they real or just her mind playing tricks on her? 
You have to pick up this book along with Ward of the Vampire, these are novella's so you are getting short stories! But you will find yourself just in love with Mr. Ward and his sexiness!

My Rating: 5 wine glasses

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