Review: Little Orphan Anvil: The Shades of Fate by Joseph Beekman

The Shades of Fate (Little Orphan Anvil, #2)
With the discovery of a "legendary" pumpkin patch in the dark of the deadwoods, the witch returns in this second installment to the tale of magic and metal. The Land of Iron and Anvil is once again threatened with the dark magic of the witch, and the little robot, Anvil, along with some new and old friends, must venture into the shadowy lands of the realm to stop her wicked ways...and seal her fate.
I received this book to give an honest review.

This is a perfect YA book to read. You are taken years later from where the first book in this series ends. Tabitha is the daughter of Sonny and Kelsey who were in the first book. If you remember Sonny and Kelsey helped bring down the witch. Well Tabitha and her two friends decide to go into the woods and see if they can find these "legendary" pumpkins that were left off by the witch. Well lets just say they end up finding the pumpkins and the WITCH! You get to meet two old characters who played a big role in book one. Will and the robot Anvil. You also meet new characters. I have to say at the end I felt a bit sad for the robot Anvil. I am going to leave it there so I do not give away any spoilers. Tabitha goes through ups and downs to not only warn her people but to also stop the witch once and for all. Can she do it with the help of her new companions? You just have to read this book to find out.

Let me say once I started reading I could not put it down. This is one book (along with book one) that when my son gets older to truly understand what is going on I will be reading this series to him. This author is great at telling a story and keeping you hooked until the very end. Now the way the ending ended I do hope there will be a book three because I think something is up. :)

My Rating: 5 wine glasses

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