Review: BUMP by Mark Kidwell

BumpBUMP- A GHOST STORY WITH TEETH- Thirty years ago, Sheriff Gil Lundy buried something evil in the old Dill farmhouse. Turning a deaf ear to the screams of a deformed serial killer entombed and left to die in his own slaughterhouse, Lundy sealed the deranged wood carver and his bullet-riddled mother behind walls of brick and fresh mortar, condemning them and their murderous secrets to the shadows for all time.

The remains of Edgar Dill's victims-ten teenage girls whose flesh lay locked away in monstrous, hand-carved mannequins with human scalps nailed to their heads-were laid to rest in shallow graves along Alder creek.

Now, three decades later, something is stirring in the dust and shadows of the old Dill house. Something dark, powerful and vicious.

And Gil Lundy is about to learn that past sins can not only come back to haunt you... they can eat you alive.

BUMP is a no-holds-barred novel of extreme, violent horror. A ghost story, a monster movie and a dark, gruesome tale of backwoods serial slayers bent on bloody vengeance. With the feel of classic cult horror cinema and the pace of a running chainsaw, BUMP will crawl under your skin... and leave splinters on its way out.

I received this book to give an honest review!
Damn where do I start with this book. I wanted a horror story to read and the author came through on this book. I was captured from the beginning to the end and was surprised to learn that the serial killer in this book was actually based on a real serial killer. If you keep reading after the end of the book you find this out.
If you are looking for a horror story, that is filled with death, blood, gore, keeps you engaged from the beginning and giving you chills after you start reading. Then this is the book for you.
It is a ghost story like no other. Edgar Dill is a deformed man who likes to carve wood but also carve young women. Him and his mother are both sick individuals.  When he kidnaps the wrong girl, the sheriff takes matters into his own hands even if it is illegal. Years after this serial killer is stopped something else comes to life and it is not human at all. This is one horror story you will want to pick up and read and will not want to put down.
The characters are well developed, you feel what they feel, the storyline was written perfectly. I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars because it damn well deserved it. I was in horrorville while reading this book, and I just could not get enough. I can see this book becoming a horror movie. I just would hope the movie would be just as scary as the book.
I can not tell you enough if you want a horror story that will keep you hooked from beginning to end, leave you in fear then you need to go and get your copy RIGHT NOW! Not later, but NOW. This author has a talent like no other in the horror genre.

My rating: 5 wine glasses

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