Author Interview with Natalie Hancock!

 Author Natalie Hancock.
I'm a talkative, hyperactive writer of Erotic Vampire Paranormal Romance books. I love both reading and writing, and I love listening to loud rock/hardcore music.
 Books written by Natalie Hancock.
Eternal Darkness (Cursed in Darkness #1)
Dark Shadows (Cursed in Darkness #2)
Dark Awakening (Cursed in Darkness #3)
Dark Secrets (Cursed in Darkness #4)
Ascend from Darkness (Cursed in Darkness #5)
Darkness Arising (Cursed in Darkness #6)
Darkness Unveiled (Cursed in Darkness #7 )

A Dark Desire (World of Darkness #1)
 Forbidden Love  Wolf Hunt #1

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1. Coffee or Tea? Tea for definite.

2. What are 3 things that you need to get your morning going?
1) A cuddle from Reece
2) Pens and notebooks
3) My laptop
3. Do you happen to have a favorite author? There are so many and none of them can compare really but if I was to choose just one, I'd choose Richelle Mead. I LOVE her Vampire Academy and Dark Swan series.

4. Where did you get your inspiration to write your books? Dreams. I fall asleep and just dream about my books. Also talking to Reece helps. He just sits there, nodding and agreeing while I'm yapping away and the ideas just come. He gets credit :P

5. What is the hardest part of being a writer? Getting your name out there. I'm a new writer and if you went up to someone and asked if they knew me, chances are they haven't. I've put my foot down and I'm slowly getting help with getting my name and books out there but it is a slow process.

6. What Books are in your TBR pile right now? Don't hate me...I don't have any. I'm not joking! I'm so focused on writing my own books at the minute, I haven't even thought twice about reading books, or adding any to the pile.
I know, I'm a bad girl xD

7. What made you decide to become an author? My sister telling me how much she enjoyed a witch series I wrote for her when I was fourteen. They were just for her but she kept telling me how good they were and how much she'd love to see them published, so I thought, why not? Unfortunately, the first publishers I stumbled across wanted me to pay to get them published and the second one were con men. I locked that witch series away and never touched it again, until now. I'm currently re-writing them in hopes to get them published. Fingers crossed!
With the help of Shelby, my Cursed in Darkness series found a home with eXtasy Books.

8. Tell us a bit about one of your books without giving too much away for those who have not read it yet. I'll tell you a little bit about Eternal Darkness, the first book in my Cursed in Darkness series. Yadkny from Night Owl Reviews gets credit here, as I'm going to use some of what she said in a review she gave me.
Under the cover of darkness, a vampire academy is hidden from human knowledge. Here the vampires train to fight the enemy and learn of their heritage. For Layla, the time has finally come to expose herself to others of her kind who are unaware of what she really is. It is a sensitive time to not only test her willpower, but the consequences surrounding her unnatural existence. However, lust for vampire blood isn’t the only kind of lust she battles and before long the temptation is much too great to ignore. One look from Shade and the loneliness she’s felt for far too long disappears and another more urgent feeling hits hard. Layla has proven herself a worthy opponent in hand-to-hand and weapons combat as well as knowledgeable of the vampire race, yet her true identity remains shrouded in mystery. Will she be shunned or accepted.

9. What was the inspiration behind your books? The idea for my books I haven't really had any inspiration from. I know some people have compared Eternal Darkness to Vampire Academy, calling it "Vampire Academy for grown ups" but also saying they're nothing alike at the same time, but that book didn't give me the inspiration even if they are somewhat similar, and you'll see that when you read it.
J.K. Rowling was my inspiration to write in general. And still is. She's such an awesome woman who has struggled and come a long way and one day I hope people will talk about my books in the same way they do hers.

10. The cover on your books, what made you pick those covers? Well, as I'm contracted with a publisher, I didn't exactly get to choose what went on my cover. I just filled out an AIF (author information form) with details on what the main characters look like and what I'd like on the cover, and the cover artist just makes it up the best they can. Dark Secrets and Darkness Unveiled, book four and seven in my series were the only two that looked how I described it. And my Forbidden Love, a new book in a new series (Wolf Hunt: released 15/5) was just how I pictured it also. You either get the perfect cover exactly how you describe it, or you don't. Still, I love all my covers and can't wait to get more.

13. Were any of your characters inspired by real people? I wish! I'd love to say Layla was inspired by myself, I mean, who doesn't want to be the hot, Gothic, ass-kicking, intelligent dhampir everyone fears? Plus, the one who gets the HOT vampire (now there's romance with a twist ;) ) but no, all my characters are completely made up, one-hundred percent.

14. Have you thought about writing a different genre? The Erotic Paranormal Romance side of the genre? Yes and I already have. I've just completed my first YA Paranormal Romance, Fantasy book and have planned a fantasy book for my little brother. I also have planned a normal YA romance book. It will be my only romance book with no paranormal creatures in it. Paranormal Romance is my life and I couldn't write a book without them to...spice up the pages ;)



1.Favorite Male TV or movie character. Damon from The Vampire Diaries. Yummy!

2. Have you ever read a spanking book? I honestly can't say I have xD

3. What is your favorite movie? Harry Potter all the way, but I have a feeling as soon as Vampire Academy comes out, it will be that. Excited!!!

4. What is your favorite show? Hmmm...hard one. I love The Vampire Diaries, but Elena does annoy me. And I love Once Upon a Time, CSI and Person of Interest.

5. What is your favorite book that you could read over and over? Sad to say, I've read the Harry Potter books over seventy times. I know what you're thinking but it was summer holidays and I was bored. So I read them over and over again.
Vampire Academy I've read a lot of times and I'll definitely never get bored of The Last Vampire. I love Sita so much!

6. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? Free time? What is that? :P I love gaming with Reece. When he comes home, and has days off I don't work and we spend most of the time gaming together, playing Monster Hunter. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, depending on how we feel, we both go archery together. He's not even been shooting for three months yet and he has his own longbow and all that AND has the nickname "Too Good Two" There's a story behind that. Basically there's another man who goes and uses longbow, he's been doing it for over seven years and his nickname is "Too Good" Reece comes along and within seconds of using a longbow for the first time, gets the nickname "Too Good Two"
That just goes to show how good he is.
I'm still on recurve xD

7. Favorite comfort food? Chocolate. It has to be. What else could be as comforting as chocolate? :P

8. Favorite Color Purple, and obsessively so.

9. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Where I am now. I live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields and only one neighbour. Everything is peaceful and I don't have to worry about my guinea pigs being injured when they go out on the grass. It's great for writing too.
Downside, I'm surrounded by dyke's and when it snows...well, I've been in one of the dyke's because of black ice before. It's not something I want to experience again.

10. Is there anything specific you would like to say to the readers out there If you check out my books, I really hope you like the cliffhanger I pushed you off at the end...uh...I mean, I hope you enjoy it and thank you for taking the time to read this interview.

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