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Celeste Garrett has finally found a happy balance in her life as the Chosen One, thanks in large part to a certain hunky Irishman. But if there’s any lesson she should heed since receiving her calling it’s that everything can change in the blink of an eye. Soon a terrible new threat, unlike anything she’s ever encountered, causes her to make a gut-wrenching choice that will strip her of someone she holds dear.
As much as she’d like to have a pity party for one, there’s no time for that now because wedding bells are ringing in Gainesboro! In between dress fittings and rehearsal dinners Celeste will have to fend off attacking demons and leering pirates. As if the Dark Army wasn’t scary enough our heroine is faced with the horrifying trauma of attending a bachelorette party with her mom and watching Grams do Jello shots. Is a walk down the aisle even possible for a member of the Garrett family when the Dark Army is out to destroy them? More importantly, will the Dark Army Glee Club sing at the reception?
Raise your glass to the happy couple, and get ready for a wedding…Conduit-style.

Excerpt from Sacrifice:

I shook my head in an attempt to erase the unbelievable image before me. A shark surfed toward me on top of a wave. Sharks can’t surf, I know that. But—terrifying as it was—this one excelled at it. The wide open mouth of a Great White, if I had to guess, soared my way ready to devour me. My legs forgot how to move and my brain switched into an operating speed the equivalent of a hamster running on an exercise wheel. Fear paralyzed me where I stood.
The black eyes of the gigantic fish rolled back in their sockets as its rows of razor sharp teeth extended out, hungry for my flesh. A mighty roar pierced the air as my lion sentry soared over my head and intercepted the killer fish. He hit it head on and the two rolled across the sand in a frenzied explosion of gnashing teeth and snapping jaws. Only then did I realize the shark sported legs.
So that’s what a Water Titan looks like—pants wetting terrifying.
The two savage beasts clung together. Both sets of bone-crushing teeth snarled and grappled to tear into the other’s flesh. Wet sand clung to them as they blurred together in their violent flurry. A flash of a silver fin. The swipe of a tawny claw. The flip of a long tail fin. Flying chunks of chestnut fur. 
Caleb and Kendall ran across the beach. Keni’s wings shielded them from the hammering winds and sea spray. They didn’t need to hurry. None of us could do anything. Getting between the shark and lion would mean a loss of limbs … or a nasty flare up of deadness. I tried to part them with my telepathy, but even mental means couldn’t get between them. I could do nothing but watch—until the unthinkable happened.
The shark flung its head to the side and sunk its teeth deep into Gabe’s hip. Our lion roared in pain. Blood bubbled and poured from his gaping wound. Muscle and tissue ripped from bone and hung off him like limp spaghetti noodles. Bile rose in my throat and I slapped my hand over my mouth. Instinct prompted my feet into action. I rushed to my brother’s aid but quickly found he had no need for me. His lip curled up and he lunged on the shark. The pupils of his feline eyes dilated and blood lust took over. Claws and teeth shredded and devoured the fish’s course skin in a violent fury. Blood sprayed through the air and splattered me from head to toe.
“Gabe! Stop!” If he heard me my warning failed to resonate. Instinct had dragged him to a dark place where only one thought got through—kill or be killed.
The land shark’s blood soaked into the sand and stained Gabe-lion’s muzzle a deep rust color. With one last twitch the massive fish fell to the ground—lifeless. Seconds later nothing remained but black tar.
Only then did Gabe glance up. His eyes blinked back to human. Pain and shock forced his change. “Celeste, I’m sorry. I … I couldn’t stop.”
Blood loss quickly claimed its spoils. Gabe sat down hard in the sand, his skin ghostly pale and covered in blood. His head lolled to the side and his eyes rolled back. In a flap of feathers, Kendall stood by his side, easing him to the ground and pouring healing warmth into him.
Icy prickles ran down my spine. Caleb wasn’t with her.
I spun in a circle and found nothing except empty beach. The storm stilled as if holding its breath.
Caleb was … gone. My breath came short and shallow. The world whipped around me like a crazy carnival ride. I didn’t get to say goodbye. I deserved a split second to try to save him. How dare I be denied that? Lack of oxygen caused black spots to dance before my eyes. The ground rose up to meet me as my knees buckled.
I didn’t even get a chance …
A pair of arms caught me, manifesting out of black smoke. “Lovey! I’m here! I’m right here! It’s okay!”
Grasping his shirt in tight fists, I clung hard to Caleb as my heart struggled to find its rhythm. I buried my face into his chest and desperately breathed in his scent. Despite his proclamation, things were far from okay. The universe just showed me how easily it could steal him from me. Nothing would ever be okay again.

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Author Bio:
Young Adult and Teen Reader voted Author of the Year 2012.
Stacey Rourke is the author of the Gryphon Series. She lives in Michigan with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and two giant, drooly dogs. Stacey loves to travel, has an unhealthy shoe addiction and considers herself blessed to make a career out of talking to the imaginary people that live in her head. She is currently hard at work on the continuations of this series as well as other literary projects.
Social Media Links
Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stacey-Rourke/
Twitter @Rourkewrites.

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