Finding Promise Aneesa Price

Finding Promise (Promise Series #1)
A woman striving for independence.

A man with a charmed upbringing.

A small town filled with welcoming and quirky characters.

Caroline had led the life of a high society daughter and wife, one that was filled with soul-destroying emotional abuse. Upon the death of her husband, she finds that she is financially incapable of supporting herself and flees New York without a plan or destination in mind. Her travels lead her to Promise, a small town on the New England coast.

Following instinct, she settles in Promise and begins to explore her new found independence and the pleasurable side of love with ruggedly handsome local, Luke Edwards. Her new-found contentment is shattered as past resurrects itself and she needs to find the courage to face it before she can truly re-build her life.

I was gifted this book to give an honest review.
Finding Promise is one of those romance books that just melts your heart! Here you have Caroline who comes from not on a ruthless non-feeling family but also a marriage that was just loveless no romance at all.
When Caroline drifts into Promise she just falls in love with the little town and soon not only finds love, but finds herself and makes a great friends. At first she is shy and very weary but soon learns that she can open up and actually be herself and not worry about what Luke thinks of her. She learns that she can live on her own without the help of her parents and dead husband, and even ends up doing something that she never thought she could do before. She learns to become a very independent woman, that every body in the towns grows to love.

Caroline learns to accept help and is not afraid to do all the hard work herself. You see the way her and Luke act when together and a part, how she handles situations.
The love that Luke and Caroline(Caro) begin to find within each other is just so sweet and magical. I love how he woos her and she opens herself up to him each time.
Overall it was a wonderful read and I can not wait to find out more about the Town Promise, and the residents.

I would also like to know what was the meaning of this part of the book.
"So, he took her as far as the lounge cum dining room cum kitchen." What was the point of using the word "cum" and I do believe there should have been commas used, but that is just my thought.

The only thing that truly bothered me and I had to give this book a 4 star rating was the grammar. I am no grammar queen so I am not good at catching it. But in Finding Promise there were a lot of grammar mistakes, that had me going back to re-read the sentence and fixing it in my head.
Here are a few examples:
"Wiping the tears from his eyes, Luke asked, "We only have ourselves to blame. Remember, we thought them how to fight so that they could protect themselves against pushy boys." Thought should have been taught.

"When those customers walk through the door, they a cozy, unfussy place where they can relax and have some great food to eat." They a cozy should have been they are cozy.
There are a few more but I will not list them all.

If you are looking for a great romance book, a woman who becomes independent, finds not only love but finds a wonderful friendship with new people and do not mind the grammar spots then pick up this book

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