Desire in Any Language by Anastasia Vitsky

Desire in Any Language


On her own for the first time, Mira is studying abroad for her translator’s certificate. Unfortunately, the heady excitement of dance clubs, late-night parties, and endless shopping quickly distracts her from her educational goals. Mira’s advisor offers her private tutoring, but the combined pressures of culture and language difference threaten Mira’s progress at school. She is unable to get her act together until she makes a discovery that horrifies and tantalizes her: in her new country, corporal punishment is a way of life. The secret to her academic success just might also fulfill her wildest, unspoken dreams.

My Review: 

I received this book from the author to give an honest review.

Well this is my second spanking book to read by this author and I am going to have to give this book 4 1/2 stars or wine glasses in my case.
At times I felt as though the main character kept trying to not pass her classes so she could be punished. Which after I spoke to the author she explained to me that she thought she could get spanked for the wrong reasons instead of for the right reason. So that made sense to me. There is one scene in the book that I know most people would say oh my goodness why would she write that, but I was glad she wrote it in the book. Because to me it seemed as though the author was making a point as to be careful who you want to spank you! It may not be all sugar and spice. The reason I gave this book 4 1/2 stars is because I would sometimes had to go back and re-read a page to understand what was going on within the story. 
This spanking book is a good one that would be good for introducing one into spanking! This is f/f spanking, there is no vulgar language. 

The Cover: I love the cover for this book! I love how it is in black and white with a touch of color! Just by looking at this cover would make me go and buy this book!

My Rating 4 1/2 wine glasses

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