Reviving Bloom by Michelle Turner

Reviving Bloom

Bloom was abandoned by her mother at birth, but thanks to her dad she never once felt unloved. When he is killed in a car wreck, leaving her without any close family, she spends a year mourning him. She feels as if her heart has been cut out of her chest and nothing is left but an empty hole that she doesn’t think will ever heal. Then one night after work she finds a wounded dog in the woods behind her house and takes him in, not realizing he’s more than just some stray dog but a wolf shifter, who happens to be her mate.

Pike is getting over the loss of his father by running full force away from his responsibilities. He’s getting ready to go back to face his new position as the Alpha of his pack when he catches the scent that can only belong to his mate.

When Bloom finds out she may not be the normal human she always thought herself to be, she’s forced to search out the woman who abandoned her at birth.

“Pike, I’m far from perfect,” I sigh, hiding my face back behind the door under the pretense of gathering the cooking supplies. I hear him hop down seconds before I feel his arms wrap around my waist.
His lips pressed to my ear and he whispers, “In my opinion you’re perfect and anyone that disagrees will have to answer to me.” Moving his mouth farther down to the crook in my neck he breathes, “Though you should know this little freckle right here might be the reason you are so perfect.” Then he takes my breath away by planting those deliciously kissable lips right on that freckle. I grab the counter in front of me and slam my eyes closed, praying for him to only move those lips if he’s going to take them from my neck to put them on my mouth, and for the first time since this madness began I thank the lord he can read my thoughts because he spins me around and gives me exactly what I was praying for.
He starts gently but when I throw my arms around his neck digging my fingers into his raven hair his lips become demanding and I part my lips so he can join his tongue with mine. We can’t get close enough, can’t get enough, and in that moment I feel fairly certain I’ll never be able to get enough of this man in my arms. His kisses taste sweeter than hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, and hot fudge sundaes combined.

My Review:

I received this book from the author to give an honest review.

I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters. There was one character in the book that reminded me of my best friend not only by them both having the same name but the way they acted. My best friend's name is Bonnie and the way the character Bonnie (in the book)  was written out, it sounded just like my best friend. The sweetness, and attitude sounds just like my best friend, I would think the author knew my best friend if I didn't know better lol.

There were many parts in the book that had me laughing and one part that had me cringe.
The giggly parts are as followed:
1.When bloom is in the bathroom having a conversation with herself about laying in the same bed as Pike, she realises that maybe he is listening. To find out why he would be listening you have to start reading.

2. Another giggly moment was on page 138, and the conversation is between Bloom and Bonnie.
"And Bloom if you even get a tingle in your gut about me, being mated to anyone, take some pepto and get rid of that tingle fast."
"I can't take pepto to get rid of a gut feeling Bon."
"Have you ever tried?" She asks with her hand on her hip as she watches me seriously.
Well no, I admit.
"Then you can't say it won't work. Pepto helps with a lot of stomach issues, gut instincts might be another to add to the list."

3. At the end with the two characters Bonnie and Tucker and the start of their story. I can definitely see a lot of them in book 2!

I loved how Bloom and Pike had nicknames for each other. Pike's being Tennessee and Bloom's being Darlin' it is just sooooooo cute!

Now I was a little skeptical on Bloom's full reaction to the news Pike told her. She seemed to take it all in stride, and I didn't expect that, nor did I expect her to freak out like in other books, so that was a plus. I guess I expected her to be more surprised and ask a lot more questions. That was the only thing out of the whole book that kind of bothered me.

I love reading about shifters, and Reviving Bloom was a wonderful read. Great story, great and lovable characters, humor, romance, action and of course hot shifters. All put together made an amazing story. I can not wait for book 2. Where this book left off has me really wondering what is going to happen next. I know it will be just as amazing as this one.

My rating: 5 wine glasses


  1. I'm soooo happy that you like Reviving Bloom. Thanks for featuring it on your blog last week. ~Michelle


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