Interview with Tonia Brown

About the Author:
Tonia Brown’s short stories have appeared in a variety of anthologies. She has cranked out several books, including The Cold Beneath, Badass Zombie Road Trip, Skin Trade, and the erotic steampunk series Clockworks and Corsets. Tonia lives in North Carolina with her genius husband and an ever fluctuating number of cats. When not writing she raises unicorns and fights crime with her husband under the code names “Dr. Weird and his sexy sidekick Butternut.”


1. What are 3 things that will not be found on the internet about you?
My exact weight, my middle name, and the name of my teddy bear. Two of those things are deliberately concealed bits of information, and the other just never comes up. Can you guess which is which?
2. What are 3 things that you need to get your morning going?
Coffee, silence and coffee. Did I mention coffee? Don’t talk to me! I’m drinking my coffee!
3. Do you happen to have a favorite author?
Neil Gaiman, baby! That man’s words are like chocolate for my brain.
4. Where did you get your inspiration to write your book?
From a friend’s description of how Sundowner’s Syndrome affected her nursing home residents.
5. What is the hardest part of being a writer?
Promotion. There is a fine line between selling yourself and smacking everyone over the head and screaming,  “Buy my book!” every chance you get. I walk that line all the time, and find myself on either side more than I want to be.
6. What is the easiest?
Writing. I know it sounds silly but the simplest thing about this whole gig is the actual writing part. Everything else is the real work. Writing is like recess in kindergarten, while editing and promotions and other stuff is like having to grow up and get a real job.
7. What made you decide to become an author?
I had a story to tell. Couldn’t be helped.
8. Tell us a bit about your book for those who have not read it yet.
Sundowners is a backwoods southern horror about the importance of family, the dangers of gossip and the nature of the artistic muse.
9. What was the inspiration behind the story?
I hear a friend talking about the medical syndrome and I wondered what it would be like if everyone in a small town, not unlike the one where I live, were to start sundowning.
10. What's with the cover photo and why did you chose it?
Philip R. Rogers is my cover artist. The cover is a direct result of his genius. I love to leave these things in his hands because I know I will never be disappointed.
11. What book are reading now?
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith
12. Will we see another book by you soon?
I just finished penning a humorous fantasy novel Gnomaggedon. It’s about a beautiful land full of magic and wonder and undead gnomes. Lots and lots of undead gnomes. (And I don’t mean the garden variety!)
13. Were any of your characters inspired by people in real life?
Oh yeah, that is such a loaded question. I suppose I should confess that the answer is yes and no. I did use people I know, but not in total. I used some folk’s habits or backgrounds, but not their entire personality.
14. Have you thought about writing a different genre?
Have I? Heck, I already do! I not only write horror, I also write in fantasy, romance, humor, steampunk, scifi, even a bit of erotica now and again. I love just writing the story, no matter where it takes me.
15.  Any advice for anyone wanting to be a writer?
Read. Rinse. Repeat.
1.3 things that make you happy?
My husband, kittens, music.
2. 3 things that make you upset or mad?
Idiots, headaches, when my friends hurt.
3. If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you want to be stranded with? 
My husband. I know most folks would pick a celebrity or someone they admire, but I really do admire and love Mr. Brown. He is the cleverest man I know and never fails to make me laugh. Who wouldn’t want that on an island? (Plus he has already seen me naked and I’ve farted and puked and other bodily stuff in front of him so all of that would be out of the way. What? I’m being serious!)
4. What is your favorite show?
I adore BBC’s Sherlock, but Dr. Who is still the best show ever made in the last hundred or so years.
5. What is your favorite book that you could read over and over?
Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman is the only book I have read more than three times. It’s hilarious!
6. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
Play video games or crochet.
7. Favorite food?
Fried chicken!
8. Favorite drink? Alcoholic or non-alcoholic.
9. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
There are a lot of places I would love to visit, but I really like where I am living now. North Carolina is a beautiful state. That said, I think it would be cool to live on the moon.
10. The new cool thing now that we read about it vampires and werewolves, angels and demons. Which would you pick and why?
Werewolves, because out of all of the monsters, they retain the most humanity. Their lot is a terrible curse with little benefit. Their suffering is closest to our own.
Thank you for taking time to be interviewed.
Thanks for having me along!

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