Final Hour of the Hunter Book 3 By Bonnie Bernard

Final Hour of the Hunter

It’s been two glorious years since the Underworld unleashed its nightmares on Donna Deangelo. Happily married, raising a beautiful daughter, and enjoying time with her best friend Mo, Donna is finally living the life she’s always dreamed of - free from soul-stealing, kidnapping, and murder. That all changes when Donna, on her way to the store for ground beef and spaghetti noodles, crashes her Mustang straight into the Underworld’s most dangerous and vengeful deity. And far from desiring an apology, this merciless goddess expects blood. Now dinner’s on the back burner, the planet’s on a collision course with Chaos, and the only way out is down.

My review on the book.

I got this book for free from the author herself, to give an honest review. 

Final Hour of the Hunter is at the moment I am asumming to be the last in this trilogy. I do hope the author makes another book that has the characters that have grown up and the old characters that have now important jobs. 

This book once again had me from the first page. After I read the second book I was so ready to get into this book. Final Hour of the Hunter takes place 2 years after the second book, Lucinda is still growing up faster than normal children because she has inherited her father's dark gift of being a vampire. Donna is enjoying her life now since there is nothing bad going on. Cassie, and Howie are together. Everything is good until, one day Donna drives out to get dinner from the store and she crashes into something. She gets out to inspect, and there is nothing there, but when she gets back into her car a woman is in the back with her hellhounds. Her name is Ursula she is now the next problem for Donna and her family and friends to deal with. Just when everything was going great. Mortals or humans can not see Ursula. From the time she meets Ursula everything starts going down hill, her friends start disappearing, the human world has gone crazy and has the disease. No one is safe to trust. I was sad that there was an ending to this book lol, everything was flowing so perfectly. If you are looking to read about more kicking butt, and the paranormal then please give this a read! I know you will not be disappointed. 

Out of this whole book I have to say my favorite little part or saying was this paragraph. 
"Howie clenched the latest cigarette between his teeth and turned to face Ian. "Stupid human, do you see the sign in the door that reads Howie's Gun Shop?"
Ian nodded begrudgingly.
"Three guesses who I am."
"A Crazy mother f----?"
All I could do was laugh and laugh. If you have not read the other two books I suggest you do it. Howie is trip all on his own. And is a great character that Bonnie wrote. I truly enjoyed reading about the children growing up and seeing the marriage of an immortal and a vampire, and getting little surprises along the way


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