Dawn of The Hunter Book 2 By Bonnie Bernard

Dawn of the Hunter


It’s been two glorious years since the Underworld unleashed its nightmares on Donna Deangelo. Happily married, raising a beautiful daughter, and enjoying time with her best friend Mo, Donna is finally living the life she’s always dreamed of - free from soul-stealing, kidnapping, and murder. That all changes when Donna, on her way to the store for ground beef and spaghetti noodles, crashes her Mustang straight into the Underworld’s most dangerous and vengeful deity. And far from desiring an apology, this merciless goddess expects blood. Now dinner’s on the back burner, the planet’s on a collision course with Chaos, and the only way out is down.

My Review:

I was given this book from the author for an honest review.

The second book in the Midnight Hunter Trilogy was a book I could not put down. Bonnie has done it again with another amazing book. Dawn of the Hunter was just as intense as the first one.

As soon as you go to the first page you are already hooked, Dawn of the Hunter takes place a few months after the first book. Donna and Hunter's daughter Lucinda is born, a new character gets introduced,and another character gets some book time and Donna fights for her daughters soul. I can say I was surprised about Howie and Cassie actually getting together. 

The relationship between Howie the weapons dealer and Donna is quite funny, because if though Howie is this demon well half demon I should say he puts on this front. And you can tell Donna cares for him in a friend type way, because she sticks up for him and even listens to him call her a stupid human. Hunter in this book makes me a little upset at him, because he thinks Donna can not take care of herself, and is overly-protective. But at the end he comes to terms that Donna can take care of her self, and her family. She is not a weakling. At the end of the book I am excited to see about Howie and how he will react to what happened. 
I can not wait to read book three in this trilogy. Bonnie is an amazing author


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