Time for Books 2015 Review Team #Time4Books

So I was looking around at my friend's blog who I also help out with reviews from time to time. Here is her blog A Little Bit of R&R 
And noticed she had this button on the side of her blog! Of course the picture screamed out to me for me to click on it. When I did it brought me to a whole other blog page of Jo Michaels. So I of course had to scope around on her page I hope she doesn't think me to be a stalker lol. Any who I saw this review team she has and it is where you make a commitment to read as many books as you can for the whole year. Here is the chart she has on her page. There is also a whole lot of other information besides just this. Just click on Jo's name above to be sent to her page.
Snacker- 1-10 books
Rumbling- 11-20 Books
Hungry- 21-40 Books
Starving- 41-60 books
Insatiable- 60 or more books

Of course I had to pick Insatiable because this gal here is always reading to the point I think my husband feels a bit neglected, but hey he married a book worm lol. 
So anyways I figured I would join in. I get to see new blog pages and maybe talk with some fellow bookworms and get some new book recommendations to at to my list.
Now what I gathered from this event since I just jumped on it and didn't get an email or anything yep I am a total party crasher what a sad life I live. Is the books can be from your pile of books or books requested, they can be any genre of books. Once you sign up you just have to make sure to link your reviews on the page that Jo Michaels has created so authors and other people and see your review on a book. You might end up finding a book you would like to read on the list. You also need to use the hashtags #2015ReviewTeam and #Time4Books when you cross promote sounds pretty easy. 


  1. WELCOME to the 2015 Review Team, Autumn! :) We're excited to have you :)


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