Review: Happiness is a Commodity by The Behrg

33153901Title: Happiness is a Commodity
Author: The Behrg
Publisher: Pricks Like Thorn Media
Published: Nov. 28, 2016
Pages: 108
Genre:  Adult, Dark, Sci-fi
Review: Ebook provided by author
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In the future, Happiness can no longer be achieved through natural means, but must be purchased from the government for brief 20-minute increments.
And the price is going up.
One man documents his experience as he uncovers a conspiracy by the governing elite. Those who are ALWAYS happy. But he will soon discover that the cost of real Happiness may be far worse than living perpetually in the dark.
Told through blog-post entries, this non-traditional novella explores a world where darkness and misery are the norm. An allegory for living with depression, this story will open your eyes to the millions lost in darkness around you, and may prepare you for a future that is all too likely to come.

I received this book to give an honest review.

So this novella is told through a man named Jerry via his blog. He informs the world of how he has noticed certain elite have happiness. When he gets  invited to this "party" though it isn't a normal party. It is one you don't want to go to ever. Unless you are good with getting joy and happiness from the hurting of others is how I took the story. 
We see through Jerry how no one has happiness unless you have a punch card and then you are only happy for so long. Though it is really worth it to have no feelings? To me it isn't. 
I am not too sure on this novella as it just didn't click with me on any levels. I couldn't connect with Jerry and I wasn't sure of where this story was truly headed. 
The author asks at the end of the book what makes you happy. There is so much that makes me happy but I have to say the one thing on the list is freedom. The freedom to make choices or decisions that I want to make. The freedom to be who I want to be. If I went on with the list it would be my family the fact that they are so sweet, loving. My husband he scarifies so much of his own happiness for others. 
To me this was an okay book nothing that really stood out for me. 

The Behrg

My writing career began in the third grade when tasked with an assignment to write about rain. I opted to tell the story of a raindrop who decided life wasn't worth living and leapt to his death only to discover that really he was being reborn. (You know that whole life-cycle thing).
Yeah, I was a little twisted even back then. Thankfully my teacher encouraged my writing rather than send me for a psych evaluation... (that came later). Let's see...
I was a child actor and starred in recurring roles in Dynasty and Highway to Heaven, and was even in an episode of The Twilight Zone.
I dropped out of college to join a rockband.
I was kicked out of the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland for lobbing rocks onto toy houses.
I have a grave in my backya ...
Oh wait, this is a BIO not a CONFESSIONAL.
Bottom line: I love to write. Thankfully, my family puts up with it. The very act of creating something that might be slightly askew keeps me going. I'm drawn to dark fiction where I find an appreciation for the light. Horror, thrillers, suspense. Things that make you question your own reality or open your mind to look at the world a little differently than you might have before.
I'm grateful to all those who give an independent author like myself a chance.
Seriously. Thank you.
For more about me, my works, (my rants), and upcoming projects, please stop by: my website. I promise I don't bite.


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