Review: Cauldron of the Lost Ancestors by Tom Bane

21423281Title: Cauldron of the Lost Ancestors
Author: Tom Banes
Published: March 7, 2014
Publisher: Tom Bane Publishing
Pages: 365
Genre: Technothrillers
Review: ARC received by author
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Following the audacious theft of the world's most precious diamond, Suzy da Silva becomes entangled in an epic struggle against the forces of evil, as she attempts to unlock the code to a spellbinding mystery that connects the grail romances of Avalon, the enigmatic Shroud of Turin and the pagan beliefs of the ancient Celtic Druids. Suzy da Silva and her trusty sidekick, astrophysicist Tom Brooking are swept into a deadly game of cat and mouse, as they fight against the forces of military cyber warfare, martial assassins and a shadowy religious sect with access to immense power and untold resources.

I received an ARC Copy to give an honest review.

We are taking back into another adventure with Suzy. Only this time we are dealing with hackers, super computers, and even shrouds with DNA. Now the book did keep me interested but there was so much details and information I found myself just putting it down because my brain hurt. So a 5 hour book that should have taken me at least 2 days took well over 4 days to finish. I would say the best part in the book for me was with Suzy and her jujitsu. How she never gave up going after the enemy. Suzy is a strong character within the story she doesn't just play a part in the background, she ask questions to get answers and she says on top of it until she gets the information she needs.

Now you can read this book as a stand alone or you can read book one Masks of the Lost Tombs . And catch up on the relationship of Tom, Suzy and Professor Piper. Tom does come back into play within this story but as we have learned in book one Tom and Suzy are not suppose to be together in any way. They have to keep a distance from each other.

Suzy has seven days (which she has a theory on this) to stop the enemy from getting information. But what does this enemy want the information for? Can Suzy even stop him because he seems to have some good moves?

Now there is talk with super computers, NSA, government agencies and what not. Which is pretty cool, but I did find myself lost in one part towards the end where there is talk of a diamond can its use. So I would recommend taking your time on reading that so you can understand it.

If you like theories, and a sense of adventure pick up your copy. Just take your time with it so you can soak up the information within the book.

Tom Bane
Tom Bane grew up in England. He studied physical chemistry at University and went on to work in the energy industry before becoming a writer. The son of an engineer and a school teacher, he has always had a fascination for the interplay between science and beliefs, and these themes provide the backdrop to his novels. He had the idea for the Suzy da Silva series one day in 2008 whilst out walking with his dog in Cornwall near Tintagel Castle. His first novel “Masks of the Lost Kings” took him over two years to write and research, visiting the ancient ruins of Egypt and South and Central America. His second novel "Cauldron of the Lost Ancestors was published on 11th March 2014 and has exceeded all expectations. Since then, he has been busy on his third novel in the Suzy da Silva series, with more novels in the series already in the pipeline. Tom appears regularly in the media and is highly rated by fans and booklovers alike. He spends his time living and writing in the USA, UK and Thailand.


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