Review: Mutation (Twenty-Five Percent Book 1) by Nerys Wheatley

Title: Mutation Twenty-Five Percent
Author: Nerys Wheatley
Published: May 4, 2015
Pages: 327
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic, zombies (yes that is not a genre but it should be)
Review: ebook provided by author

“Don’t you think we should be leaving, Mike?” Alex said from between gritted teeth.
“Do you want the engine to die again? And it’s Micah.”
“You can call me Micah or you can call me Mr Clarke, but don’t ever call me Mike.”
The first eater reached the car and slammed a bloody palm onto the window next to Alex.
“I’ll call you sweetheart and bake you cupcakes if it will get us moving.”

Sometimes, the best person to fight the monsters is someone who’s been one.

The last person Alex MacCallum wants to go through a major eater outbreak with is Micah Clarke. Alex is a Survivor. Bitten four years ago by an eater and treated, he survived the cure and is now stronger, faster and immune. But he lives with the stigma of being a “white-eye”, feared and despised. Micah has good reason to hate Survivors like Alex. He’s dedicated his life to convincing others they are dangerous and training himself to fight the threat he thinks they pose.

The world has lived with Meir’s disease for thirteen years, but when a new strain starts turning the population into eaters faster than ever before and their city is overrun, Alex and Micah grudgingly join forces to stay alive.

Can they survive the hordes of eaters, as well as each other, long enough to discover a way to stop this new virus?

*A zombie horror action thriller*

I received this book to give an honest review.
So this book for me rated right on up there with Shana Festa it was just freaking amazing is all I can say. This story was very unique to me as I have never thought or read about a book where people who became zombies could come back and become normal people and the only thing different is the eyes. 
The author did an amazing job with the action and the characters especially the two main characters. I found myself laughing on more than one occasion because of the humor between them and to find that in a book like this is rare but when it is there and done right it helps the book out a whole lot more. 
This virus called Meir's happened thirteen years ago. It turned people into zombies but it took people almost 30 days to actually turn, then there came a cure but only twenty-five percent was actually cured. Why? No one truly knows but people are scare of those that were cured. Alex who is a police officer is a "white-eyed" which is not a nice word to call them so lets call them Survivors. When a new strain comes out it is up to Alex and his new found friend Micah to figure out what is going on and who has caused this to happen. Now the way Micah and Alex meet is something you will have to read to find out, but them two fighting side by side it is all humor but butt kicking at the same time. 
There is a lot of action within the story a lot of close calls and just a little bit of answers to get you through. I really want to read book two in this series as I want more of the zombies, I want to know who started this new strain and what was the purpose exactly. I want more of Alex and Micah they make a dang good team! 
I have to say though there was one part that had me in fits with the crazy woman talking about babies. I was like you know this would literally happen out there in the real world if something like this was to happen. You always got some crazies somewhere that would act like this. 
Alex is a very strong character and one you feel for when he has to kill people to live, you can tell it wears on him but he does a good job doing what he needs to and because of that we see Micah pick up on it.
Bravo Nerys on keeping my attention.


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